Drink and Dungeon

An ongoing RPG show following three adventurers in the dark lands of Atheles.



Ferryport and the surrounding areas.

Adventure Arc:

The Return of the Fey

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Starring: Laura Bielaczyc, Hannah McGinnis, Anton Souvorin and Michael Bielaczyc. Based on the SagaBorn Roleplaying Game and the Dark Return Setting.

Introduction: The Beginning

Ada fidgeted. The room was comfortable enough, books everywhere, large tables, leather backed chairs. But she was nervous. She pulled on a loose string on her scarf, and then her brow furrowed as she knew this would just cause it unravel more.

“Don’t worry young one, it’s nothing but a life of adventure that waits for you!” An elfling seemed to appear out of a pile of books and maps. He was old for an elfling, gray streaking his hair and deep laugh lines marking his face. And not a small share of scars too. He smiled, all of his teeth straight and white, save for a single silver tooth. He eyes, wide set even for an elfling gazed at Ada, but even those large strange pupils didn’t break his comforting spell. “I mean what’s the worst that can happen? You don’t come back!? Well maybe you will find a better place. Or maybe you will no longer be a part of this world, still just all part of the adventure!”

Ada smiled, “I’m not nervous.” But the tone of her vice betrayed her. Had she made a mistake signing up for the Wanderers? Was she meant to be an wandering soul, lost on the roads of Atheles? Her parents had not been overly excited, but they had been supportive. Jobs with the Wanderers could bring a level of income that could make her and her family comfortable. But not without risk.

The door slammed open and the strangest… person Ada had ever seen strode in from the street. He had long golden dreadlocks covering most of his exposed skin, though I guess then it wouldn’t be exposed skin. Two small horns stuck up out of the tufts of hair atop his head, and large goat like ears poked out from either side. She wondered for a moment how such a obvious fey had come through the streets of Ferryport, which were always filled with at least some loudmouthed superstitious people. But then he spoke, and she saw how. There was just something intensely charming about him. “Well, hello hello.” His voice had a ring of music to it,”I heard that you all could use my services. So I am here and ready to go.”

“Ah yes, hail there Bergamot. Yes, have a seat, we are waiting for one more.” the elfling pulled around another large leather seat near Ada.

“Well thank you Bergas!” the hairy fellow sat down with a flourish.”I assume you will be traveling with us as well?”

The old elfling laughed, “No, my days on the road have long left me.”

Another man walked in from an adjacent room. He was older as well, his face wrinkled and scarred. His leather vest showed travel stains, and as he gripped a chair behind a large desk, Ada saw he was missing a couple of fingers. “I think you have a couple more good years left in you Bergas.” He said with a half smile.

As Bergas started to retort, the door opened and closed, though it seemed no one entered. Ada sat up and peered over a tall pile of books to see another elfling, this one a younger woman, standing in front of the door. She stood in a wide stance, her hands on her hips. “Ok, I’m here. The adventure can start!” she belted out in a high pitched voice, which was followed by a broad smile and a laugh.

Bishop, the older man behind the desk, leaned forward. He was the guildmaster of the Wanderers in Ferryport. The man who found those willing to explore the lost lands outside of the comfortable city. The man who runs this region’s adventurer’s guild. “Ah, there we are, the last applicant.” He gave a comforting smile. “So this will be your test to see if you are worthy of the Wanderers membership and coin. But first introductions.”

“This is Xyla, and elfling from outside of Byrn. She wrote on her application that she needs some people who she can show the ways of adventure and excitement. And that any shiny things along the way would be bonus. Welcome to the group Xyla.”

Bishop pointed over at the hairy one, who was now, as could only be described as draped over the large leather chair. “This is Bergamot Kommondor, a faun from the Kommondor family of the Swordspyne Mountains. He has been having a bit of a rough time here in the lands of men, and so we offered him sanctuary and a way to expand his search for knowledge.”

“And Ale!” Bergamot interjected which caused a laugh to escape Xyla and Bergas.

“And finally this is Ada. She is from here in Ferryport, but she is looking for a way to help her family in these difficult times. And, knowing a bit about her skill set, she is probably in need of stretching her legs and discovering a bit about herself away from the oppression of the city.” He stood and walked about to the front of the desk.

“Now each of you has something that sets each other apart, and something I felt meshed well with another in the group. None of you seem hung up on prejudices and small mindedness that seems so rampant these days. And I sensed a loyalty in each of you. The path will not be easy for you. Each of you stands out from what many consider normal, so you must look out for each other. And, if you pass this first test, the Wanderers will look out for you as well.” He leaned back against his desk and ran his hand through his gray hair.

“Your first assignment will be to head to South Hollow…”

Ada’s head started to spin a bit. Today. Today you leave the comfort of your home to see a larger world. So many emotions. Excitement, fear, joy all tumbled over each other in Ada’s stomach. She knew Bishop was still talking, and Xyla and Bergamot were already chatting together about what their favorite haunts were along the road to South Hollow. Did Bishop just say something about an adventure board? It didn’t matter.

Today my adventure starts.

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