Bergas Trailmaker

Bergas of the WanderersBergas is an elfling who belongs to the Wanderers. He is considered “old” for an elfling, or at least one who has not yet finished his Calling and returned to the Vale. He has lived in Ferryport for forty years, though his time has been spent on the roads with many different groups. He is short for an elfling, only hitting three heads tall. His thin frame is covered in traveling leathers, pouches, and various “knick knacks” he has collected. His face may be a little wrinkled with laugh lines, but his eyes still shine with youthful mischief.

Bergas was attracted to Ferryport from the moment he left on his Calling, but when he met Bishop, he found his life companion. Traveling with Bishop since he was young, Bergas got him both into trouble and out of it. While Bishop’s determination pushed his groups deeper into unknown regions, it was Bergas who pushed the limits and made sure they searched every nook and cranny of any ancient ruin or dungeon that crossed their path. He has slowed a bit in his “older age,” spending most of his time with Bishop at the Hovel.

While most Elflings of his age return to the Vale, Bergas is content staying in Ferryport with the Wanderers. He has no use for the politics of the day, but he does take Bishop’s opinions with his full attention.


Bergas Trailmaker
Race: Elfling
Age: 85
Classes: Rogue4 Ranger2
Challenge Rating: 5
Size: M
Handed: Ambidextrous
Initiative: +3

Hit Points: 31
AC: 14 , touch 14 , flat-footed 11
Saves: Fort +6 Ref +12 Will +2

Base Attack: +5
Melee: (, /x)
Ranged: (, /x)
Special Attacks:
Statistics: STR 13, DEX 17, CON 10, INT 13, WIS 9, CHA 15
Skills: Acrobatics 8, Athletics 1, Awareness 1, Endurance 1, Knowledge 1, Persuasion 5, Survival 0, Thievery 6
Talents: Dual Wield, Expanded Critical, Weapon Dexterity, Whirlwind Attack

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