Ferryport Adventures Intro


The town of Ferryport has just been liberated two months earlier. The Lord has been arrested, the Leader of the City Militia is in exhile, and the Guildmasters council is trying its best to bring the city under control.

Silas Monta, who is taking on the mantle of leadership as the new government starts, is recruiting for everything, from the newly formed Ferryport Guard to men for hire on odd jobs. The city is being assaulted from all sides, and the world seems to be getting more dangerous each day. With the dawn of the new government, the dwarves have sent representatives, as well as the Wild Elves of the south. For the first time in 100 years, the elves of Kaelnor have come forward to meet with the people of Ferryport.

The city is buzzing with energy, and you can help form its future!

The new factions in the city:

With the loss of a Lord and the Guildmasters scrambling to put together a government, most surround powers have sent delegations and people to Ferryport. Each has its own agenda, though the leaders may keep their true goals secret.

Wild Elves (Dwimmerdel) – The have sent a loose group of representatives from the tribes to mainly observe. The politics in Ferryport greatly affect the politics in SouthKeep which the wild elves are invested in.

Wood Elves (Kaelnorians) – For the first time in over 300 years the wood elves have visited Ferryport. Though some wood elves view humans as below them, the Queen has decided to stand with the people of Ferryport and help them rebuild. The overall attitude of the wood elves is one of help, but some may have ulterior motives.

Elflings – There are always elflings hanging about in cities. There may be a few more just because of the excitement.

Dwarves – The dwarves have been visiting the city for about two decades now, and they have sent a group of diplomats to help with the restructuring. They hope to have a dwarf on the council.

Garaden – Garaden is a free city, as it calls itself, being a town that is building up into a bustling city. Their government is elected by the towns people, and they hope to help Ferryport become this way.  They have sent guards and a representative of the town, as well as a unit of the famous Brotherhood of the Sword.

Borden – Bordon has close ties to Ferryport and supported the rule of the
Glycyn family. The lord of Bordon was shocked to hear for Filac Glycyns betrayal of his people and has sent many hands to help organize the city. They have mostly amicable intentions, but they also want to make sure that their closest port of trade stays friendly to them.

Jaeldor – Jaeldor has sent two of its ruling nobles as well as a long procession of Jaeldorian elite guards. Jaeldor has often eyed the lands around Ferryport and the Lord of Jaeldor would love to take this opportunity to exert its influence and bring the city into its fold. As usual, the Jaeldorians look at this as a game of intrigue, profit, and possible treachery.

South Keep – The city of South Keep sits on the edge of the desert. They rely heavily on the goods brought through and made in Ferryport. The food from Ferryport has allowed South Keep to thrive into the border city it is now. They have sent a military regiment to help keep order, but only sent one high ranking officer to take part in the restructuring. His concern is not just with Ferryport, but also to make ties between his city and the Kaelnorian Elves (whose forest sits between the two cities).