The Kaelvari, the Forest Elves

The Kaelvarian Elves are the basis for much of the lore that humans cling to about the elves of Uteria. They are tall and exude strength, but dislike confrontation and aggression. They live deep in the woods, a solitary culture that is self-sufficient and peaceful. They revere nature, and despite my initial impressions of power, they believe deeply in being in harmony with the world around them rather than its masters. Music and art are very important to the Kaelvari and this is reflected in all facets of their culture.

They have lived in the same part of Uteria for centuries, their settlements based around the deepest regions of the Kaelnor forest, in groves of the largest Ergan trees. Very few outsiders over the long years have been allowed to visit these hidden cities.

The Lands of the Kaelvari

The Kaelvari elves live in the center of the Westlands, residing in the dense Kaelnor forest, south of Ferryport. There are many superstitions and stories about the forest, with only two paths that travelers frequent to head south. One runs through the center of the forest, following a valley which is bare of trees and foliage. I, myself, had traveled the forest extensively looking to contact the elves. This was before the liberation of Ferryport and the Kaelvari had not yet emerged from the forests to make contact with our kind. The locals claimed that the eastern part of the forest was the residence of the elves, while the western part, which turns to swamplands, was inhabited by twisted monsters.

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