Craven’s Hollow Campaign


You find yourself living in an abandoned guard tower. A supposed haunted guard tower, but nothing has manifested enough to chase you away. Others in Craven’s Hollow don’t trust it, so they burrow away in small shacks or tents across the small valley. Sure, the tower is old and bloodstained. And yes, there are some strange noises that come up out of the well every once in a while, but it’s a comfortable place. Well, as comfortable as you can get in the Hollow. “Good bones,” Vrede says, the only other occupant of the tower. An Ishian man who has lived here as long as anyone. And that’s about all he will tell you about that. He is right though; the tower was built by dworvs. The walls are thick and solid, and the roof’s tiles still turn away the rain or snow. 

The tower has a long history of violence and death. It was built to hold the demons of the forest back in the days of the Warlock King of the North. As the Uthgard Empire fell, the soldiers in the tower ran the area as a small fiefdom ruled by the soldiers as warlords. The Lord of Kowal wiped out the warlords, and for years the blood soaked ground lay empty. In more modern days, as the Lord and his cronies brought down a more iron fisted grip on the city, Craven’s Hollow has started another life. A place of escape for those who do not fit into the outside world. The forgotten living among the ghosts of the past.

So this is where it all starts. Living like pauper kings in an old tower built by a long dead empire.

Cravens Hollow Player’s Handbook

Cravens Hollow StoryGuide’s Codex (password: storyguide) Caution SPOILERS