Save the Witches – Notes

Goal: save the mages. get shem and kids out of Kowal. Meet biena at home.

What happened:

  • Novro 26th – burning of the witches
  • Met with Raff of Sons
  • Found that Kowal army has started recruiting for the first time a hundred years
  • Lesser Geas Red Guard Knight and 4 uthgard soldiers.
  • Daz found Amulet of Charmed protection. +5 vs charm and sleep magic
  • Xynx roll of 20 on all roof checks.
  • Mort and the Irregulars will take place in a full frontal assault.


Notable NPC’s (met, interactions, etc):

Raff of the Sons – met and “befriended”



  1. Escape though underden?


Scouting the area

Knowledge gained

    • Sewer entrance nearby
    • Uthgard and Kowal troops stationed nearby.
    • A new stage built for this
    • DC 15 awareness runes atop the pillar. DC 25 to see what it looks like.
    • Lots of citizens interested.


  • Sewers marked and familiar.


The Sons

  • Dc20 to convince them to help.
  • Shovel is there.
  • Raff, son of Drex is there. He is ranking officer.
  • What is the plan? Burn and run
  • What is the pay off?  1000gp
  • Buying black rock – 10 ounces 500gp


Black Rock – 50 gp per ounce – 1d8 damage per ounce. Highly volatile. Unstable. To use roll 1d12. Each ounce used gives the damage an additional 5’ of range.

  • 1 – Explodes while handling. Full damage to handler. DC 15 Reflex to take half damage
  • 2 – Implodes and causes itself to become inert.
  • 3 – 10 – Explodes as intended.
  • 11- Explodes as intended, add 10’ to the AoE
  • 12 – Double damage to intended target.


  • Can help scry.
  • Can’t leave house.
  • Magic wrap of non detection for Roe.
  • Summoned on dretch. Gave amulet and wrap.


  • Can’t directly interfere.
  • Most have left the city.
  • Mort and the irregulars are at the tavern.
  • Can provide escape route, but could be dangerous.

Mort @ half pint

  • Will help.
  • Whats the plan? Frontal assault
  • Whats the pay off? Friends and drinks.

Fleg Jennen

  • Sending out word to find out if and guards will look the other way.
  • (Guards will look the other way)


  • Fuel in sewers for burning our escapees
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