60% funded!

Hey everyone,

I am so excited to see us hit 60%! We still have 12 days to go and I think we will hit our funding goal no problem. Hopefully we will reach a couple of funding reward levels as well.

To give a little push this weekend I am going to post a few new backer rewards including new original artwork! These come with the printed book, the pdf and an original piece of art from one of our featured artists!

First we have two of Sam Flegal’s pieces – 

The Goblin Chieftain 8×10 drawing – $185

The High Elves of Uteria, (drawing) – $438

From Adam Baker:

The Varag and His Goblin Minions, 14×18 Acrylic on Masonite (unfinished at the moment, will be full color) – $530

From Michael Bielaczyc:

Orovari Elf, pencil on paper, 11×14 – $185

Forest Elf Guardian – 8×11, pencil. $120

That’s it for now, As more artwork gets finished, hopefully we will have more to post for rewards!

Also, here is a sneak peak of the cover image. This is the black and white comp for the final painting!

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