Tale of Arrington

Oric – Son of Aeric and Iyana

When he was young he split time between his parents, so he grew up half in the court and half on the farm. When he was 17 his mother was killed in a raid from a northern state, and he left the duchy to travel. His father sent many scouts to find him, but with no luck. Oric struggled with his heritage. The human side kept him near civilization and the faunish side led him to trouble with what he considered strict laws. After he left his father’s lands he became a traveler, trying his hand at many trades, from a caravan guard to a seller of wares as a traveling merchant. He settled in Bordon for a while, spending his time as a bartender at a large tavern in the center of the city. During this time, the city was attacked by a large force of orlocks. The pass that Bordon guarded was one of the largest between the eastern and western lands and has always been contested. During the battle Oric went to the wounded and healed them with song and what little herb he had. He had learned much from his mother and his healing skills were better than any others in the city. He healed a grievous wound that a Lord’s son had received and with this attracted the attention of the lords of the city. There he met blonde haired Elana, 2nd daughter of the High Lord. There he also met Dergin, a dwarf and architect who was advising the king on defense of the city. Oric and Dergin were to become lifelong friends. After the battle, High Lord Borniel decided to build the now famous outer wall. Dergin was to travel back to Greyhelm to enlist the service of others to build this architectural feat.

Oric traveled with Dergin to Greyhelm, and during the trip they were attacked by orlocks and mountain ogres. Oric was captured and enslaved for 3 years. Dergin abandoned the project of the outer wall and looked for his friend with the help of those from Bordon. The orlocks became more and more bold during this time, which led to a campaign against them from both Bordon and Greyhelm. The dwarves raided one of the larger mountain homes of the orlocks and Oric was found and freed. He traveled north immediately to see Elana again, and found that Bordon was still hard pressed by not only the orlocks, but also from states in the north. Dergin was at Bordon and has well relieved to see him. During this time, troops arrived from Orics homeland to support bordon and he was recognized and revealed as the son of Aeric. After the battle was won, Oric took the hand of Elana and moved back to his home.

The Story of the Duchy of Arrington

In the borderlands, all are trained in riding and combat and Orana excelled at both. Much to her parents dismay, she insisted in often riding on patrol or out on her own. Oric, with his own willfulness in his part, was forced to understand her needs, but this did not stop his worrying. The orolcks of — were also aware of Orana’s want to ride, and one day ambushed and kidnapped her.They took her to the far north in hopes of luring Oric deep into Orovari lands. On Elric’s 5th birthday Oric rode out with a company of men to find Orana. He searched through the disputed lands, and beyond the lands of— into the frozen north. There he was assaulted and his main force was slaughtered, and Oric was pulled unconscious from the fight by one of his personal guards. They rode into the mountains to rest and heal. During this time, Elana worried for her daughter and husband and became very sick. Seeing Elana’s sickness, Dergin, who was visiting from the work in Bordon, rode out with a small company of dwarves to bring Oric back. Oric and the few of his company who were left became like wildmen, hiding and ambushing the orlocks and Orovari whenever possible, always searching for clues for his daughters location. Dergin would often find the aftermath of Oric’s battles, but never Oric.

Elric turns 13, and during this time, Dergin finds Oric’s encampment and tells him of Elana’s sickness. During the trip home, Oric is slain by an arrow. Dergin escapes with the body, and when he returns he finds Elana on her deathbed and Iyana raising Elric as well as running the duchy. Elana passes away and is cremated with Oric. Aeric swears vengeance on the orlocks.

Iyana rules the duchy with the help of Dergin and her lifelong friend Rolind. At 16, Aeric inherits his father’s sword and bow. He plans to ride out with Rolind and others in search of Orana and to avenge his parents death. During this time, Ashandra the dark lady of Othule sends forth troops into the Southeast and fortifies her borders.

Elric has Dergin forged a helm of horrific countenance and renames his sword Vengeance. Dergin, though holding inner doubt, forges the helm in an understanding of the loss that Elric has suffered. After Elric and company ride out Dergin regrets aiding in his quest for revenge.

Once arriving in the north, Elric’s band struck out against Ashandra’s troops in small raids and became feared. While she tried to fortify her borders and perform raids on the Aradan kingdom, she was constantly distracted by Elric’s raids in the north. She sent many troops to find him, but they came back empty handed or never returned. As time went on he became more and more bloodthirsty, sometimes raiding orlock towns and slaying everyone from elders to children. Rolind became worried and counseled him against his anger but Elric didn’t listen and many of his band left including Rolind. Four years later at the age of 21, Elric found an orc slave camp and there he found his sister, who had been blinded by her captures during the years of hard work. She did not recognize Elric because of his rage and she fled from him. As she fled she fell into the quarry that she had been forced to work in. Elric buried her and blaming himself, renamed himself Ogrom, the Cursed, and led his now small band into many suicidal battles against the people of the north. Many who stayed with him were new recruits and were more bandits than soldiers. They stayed with Ogrom for the riches that they plundered. Others joined who opposed King Baleband’s rule of the north. They started a stronghold deep in the forests.

In the south, Ashandra and Baleband’s army pressed hard on Iyana’s duchy and at length the capital city of Arrington was besieged. During the deep winter the walls were breached, but Rolind’s return came in time to rout the seiging army and Iyana and Dergin led many to escape. With Rolind’s forces defending the wounded and fleeing, they found shelter in the southern duchy of Heulorn and there they were aided by troops from Seladar.

In the north, the servants of Ashandra lit fire to the woods trying to find Ogrom’s stronghold. The stronghold was destroyed and many of Ogrom’s men died in the wildfire. Ogrom himself was burned severely and many thought he perished. Without his men, Ogrom wandered east and was found by the Kloyan tribe of fauns. While being tended and healer he learned of the fall of Arrington and of the southern invasion. He tried to convince the fauns to follow him south to war. The fauns disliking violence and war, and also trusting in their hidden vale, did not want to join in the war. Once healed, Ogrom set out alone and struck out whenever he could against Ashandras forces. This attracted her generals attention to the area, and while looking for Ogrom, they found the Vale of the fauns and the Kloyan were forced to defend their homes. Ogrom returned to help the Kloyan, but the battle was lost and they fled south. Ogrom and a small band of faun stayed and protected the rear. He was wounded once again, by a vicious sword slash across his ribs by an orlock. They eluded the pursuing troops and Ogrom was tended by a faun named Era. As they spent time together they began to love each other. Her father disapproved of the affection between the two. Her tenderness caused Ogroms heart to soften and even his scarred faced began to look less grim. When they arrived in the duchy of Heulorn, they were surrounded by the army of Aradan. To allow passage and show that they were allies, Ogrom revealed himself as Elric. Iyana was called forth to confirm this claim and for the first time in many years they were reunited. He told Iyana of all he saw in the north and of the fall of his sister. Iyana did not blame Ogrom, but comforted him.

From then on Ogrom led groups of Aradan soldiers into the northern battles and recaptured the duchy and the lands of the Kloyans. Elric took the throne of Arrington and ruled the northern part of the duchywith Era, while Iyana and Rolind ruled the southern part.

Ogrom and Era had a single son and named him Dergin I. Ogrom taught him not only the ways of battle, but also of peace and meditation. He did not want his son to grow up in the way that he had. Dergin grew up to be a wise and strong leader.

Orani was born to Iyana and Rolind in the year after. She took the throne at the age of thirty two. Her great grandmother’s blood was strong in her and the lands around the castle thrived and flourished. The defilement of the invading army was cleansed to a point and the lands became green again. During her reign, the servants of Pardalor did not ever gain a foothold and were repelled time and again. Seladar sent many troops to help and that is how she met Numen, a lordson of the southern realms. He was enchanted by her ways with the land and he laid down his sword to become a healer.

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