Tain is a tall man, standing high above the heads of the Ferryport crowds. His closely cropped blonde hair is thick, with a slight curl. He wears a beard in the style of the men of Mideon, though his is better maintained than most from the North. His blue eyes radiate kindness, and his face splits into a wide grin when he smiles, making many feel at ease around him.


Tain is a Druid of the Northern Council. He was sent to Ferryport by the Arch Druid to aid in the transition between powers. He is a guest of Silas Monta and is often seen traveling with the guildmaster to important meetings.


Tain has found a good man in Silas, and hopes to help him build a stable government in Ferryport. He has also begun establishing a druid Grove in or near the city.

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