Ron Estrelli

Ron Estrelli


  • Lvl5 Fighter: STR 14, DEX 11, Con 12, INT 13, WIS 10, CHA 12


At the age of 17, Ron joined the Ferryport Militia. His parents had passed from the red blight and hehad tried his hand at working the farm alone, but he could not keep up. He sold the farm and joined the Militia. He saved money from the work and well as his savings from selling his farm. After 3 years as a militiaman, he left and became a freelance caravan guard for the 3 years. He traveled south quite a bit, often to Southkeep and even some places within the desert of Jal Dur. During on of his few trips to Greyhelm, he was hired to recover an object from ruins within the mountains. This began his career as a tomb raiders and dungeon delver. He did this for 5 years amassing quite a bit of wealth, before his group was caught by some foul beast deep in an dungeon. Most of his party mates were slain, and he was badly wounded across his face, in which he almost lost both eyes. After this unfortunate event, he traveled back to Ferryport and bought the property that would become the Southgate Inn. This gate was always the gate he returned through on the way home, so it held personal nostalgia for him. He bought an old abandoned building, which was dwarven built in the early days of Ferryport. He added on a second floor with private rooms and opened the inn.


It has since become one of the most popular inns in Ferryport and he has had to expand the rooms into a second building across the street.

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