Orthodox Unelesia Church of Kowal

The Church is located in one of the most ornate buildings in all of Kowal, since the fall of the Greystone, the only building taller is the Duke’s Walled Tower. It is run by Archbishop Nicon Vassium, a new appointee from the head oft he church in Arnlord. He is a charismatic leader, though strict in his views and leadership. Many of the churches followers adore the new handsome leader, and attendance has almost doubled as of late.

The Church is now aligned with the Ministry of the Arts. It commands the Red Dragoons, sending them out to enforce the religious law of Uthgard.



The church was run by the Archbishop Gunderlan before the Catastrophe of the Greystone. He was a staunch advocate for the control of magic and a direct advisor to Baron Zadeku. He was badly injured during an uprising and was rarely seen in public afterwords. Many believe he perished that day or during the Catastrophe.

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