Malynn Andros

Malynn is a man of medium height, but many feel he towers over them. His dark hair is speckled with a little gray, but he still looks no older than his late twenties. His piercing blue eyes and commanding personality fill any room he is in. Many in the city consider him dangerous, as he has made no secret of his ability with magic.


Malynn is a member of the Otari. The Tower sent him to keep eyes on the events within the city. Malynn is especially interested in the interactions between this new government and the newly integrated “non-humans.” Malynn has passed off his visit to the city as a representative of the city of Tyr. With Tyr so far to the East, no one has reason to question him.


Malynn is in the city for the Tower only. He dislikes being away from the Tower and finds the lack of magic in the West disconcerting. His current concern is the circus and some of its performers. He suspects the seer and her family of ravaging, but he hopes to drive some bigger prey out into the open by giving them space. He is also interested in anyone he comes across with any talent in “The Art.”

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