Gilandras was a hero of the elves. Most elf cultures claim them as one of their own, but no one knows his cultural origins.

Gilandras was the greatest among the hunters of the elves. He had defeated the great
dragon when it had threatened the elves, and he was known far and wide among the elven  races and the animals. He would spend years roaming the forest of the world (elves live  for close to 2000 years at this point in history ). one night, under the starlight he hears a  beautiful voice flowing among the trees and in a starlit field he see the most beautiful elf.

He begins to sing with her and when she becomes aware of him she leaves. He hunts after her but he can find no tracks. after a year of searching he once again hers the singing and follows to a small waterfall where she sings and dances along the rivers edge. When he joins her in song, this time she does not run, but instead welcomes him to the dance. They spend many months together singing and dancing, telling stories under the stars, but she always leaves him in the morning to rejoin him again at night. after a while, Gilandras offers her his love. at this, she begins to cry. he does not understand, why she is saddened by this, but she turns and he sees the truth in her eyes. she is not an elf, but in actuality Lunare, the goddess of nature. even though he is long lived, he is still mortal and she a diety so she can not love him back in the same way. so he picks up his bow and marches off to the west, following the bright red star that fills the west in autumn. he never returned and the elves now call that star (actually it is a planet, but thats another story) the star of lost love. and in the western sky,  when the star of lost love begins to move up in the sky, three stars rise up from the western horizon that are the bow of the hunter, forever chasing after his unattainable love.

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