Dwygar’s Forge

Dwygar’s Forge

Dwygar is one of the best craftsmen in Kowal. Sadly, due to a recent rash of racism, most dwarves of Dwarf Town are looked down upon. Dwygar still makes his money, but often not making the crafted items he wants. His shop is in the center of Dwarf Town, just a small workshop with a bed in it.

The buildings of dwarf town are different for any others in Kowal. They are all squat one story stone structures with flat roofs. You travel down the wide streets until you see the sign of Dwygar, an anvil with an eye above it.

Inside the small shop has a forge, a large work table and a bed. A short dwarf shouts from the grinding wheel.



Stats: Dwygar: STR 14, DEX 12, Con 15, INT 14, WIS 12, CHA 8

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