Challenge Rating: 3

Size: Large (8’)

Type: Animal

Initiative: +4



Hit Points: 34 ( 7d6 +8)

Armor Class: 16, touch 14, flat-footed 12 (+4 DEX, +2 natural)

Saves: Fort 8 Ref 8 Will 0

Weaknesses: None



Speed: 30’, 40’ jump, 20’ climb

Base Attack: +3

Melee: Tongue +6 (grab), bite  +6 (2d4+3 plus grab)

Ranged: Venom +7

Special Attacks: Blinding Venom, Tongue, Grab, Swallow Whole

Sanity Effects: —



Abilities: STR 15, DEX 18, CON 14, INT 1, WIS 11, CHA 3

Skills:  Acrobatics +4, Athletics +2,  Awareness +2, Endurance +2, Knowledge –, Persuasion –, Spellcraft –, Survival +1, Thievery +4

Talents: 2 points or recommended: Alertness, Blindfight

Special Qualities: low light vision



Environment: warm marshes, underground, aquatic

Organization: solitary, pair


Treasure: Incidental



A beelzebuf’s tongue is a primary attack with reach equal to 40’. A beelzebuf’s tongue deals no damage on a hit, but can be used to grab.



When hit with an attack that also does grab, the attacker and defender must roll a heroic action. If the defender loses, they become grappled. They must succeed at a Heroic Action during their turn to free themselves.


Blinding Venom

A beelzebuf can spit a glob of venom over 30’. This sticky liquid covers the target and can cause blindness for 2d4 rounds. This attack is a ranged touch attack and the defender can negate the blindness with a DC 14 Fort roll.


Swallow Hole

If a beelzebuf has grappled an opponent with its tongue, it can then swallow the opponent as a free action (if Medium or smaller in size) at the beginning of its turn. Once swallowed the victim takes 1d6 acid damage per round. The victim can try to climb out with a Heroic Action or damage the beelzebuf from the inside. Inside the beelzebuf has the same HP, but only half its AC.


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