This is a very rare metal created from a silver-like ore. It is light but strong, and after being forged can rarely be destroyed. It takes a master smith to even begin to make the most basic items with this metal, and very few can forge it into weapons and armor. Elves and Dwarves, having learned smithing long ago from the gods, are more adept with this metal. It is a satin silver color, but can be polished to a super high gloss.

* Amarnium does not affect spellcasting as iron or steel does. A spellcaster can be touching or carrying amarnium and not be damaged during magic use. Normal armor restrictions do apply.

HP: 30 per inch (armor or weapons made of Amarnium have x2 normal HP)

Hardness: 15

Other Bonuses: Weight cut by 1/2

Armor’s Max DEX bonus +2

All amarnium items are considered masterwork.


Type of Amarnium Item Item Cost Modifier
Light armor +1,000 gp
Medium armor +4,000 gp
Heavy armor +9,000 gp
Shield +1,000 gp
Other items +500 gp/lb.
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