Baks and Burke

Baks and Burke Legal Advisors, Books and Other Oddities.

Baks are Burke are two small “elflings” who live in a odd shaped house in the Oldtown Ward. They enjoy gold and will offer advice for pay, or will gladly buy or sell whatever strange items people may have to sell. They have no official shop hours and seem to come and go at will.

Bizarre Bazaar

Bizarre Bazaar is an oddities and specialty shop located in North Kowal. The owner, Kabir Chaudhary, is a straightforward man who just wants a good deal and the best items. He is a hard man to barter with, but he is fair. He deals in contraband, with seemingly no fear for himself.

This three story shop is painting gaudy colors and has all manner of tapestries hanging from flag poles, beams, or plaster walls. The bright green front doors stand open and the smell of incense drifts out.

Inside fabrics of all kinds line tables, while more valuable looking items are behind glass. Everywhere you look strange things can be seen. A rat skeleton with the head of a fish. A moth three times the normal size skewered to a board. Skins from unknown creatures. Many containers covered in runes or symbols. Along the back wall, behind the counter weapons and armor hang from pegs in the warm wooden walls.

A man sits behind the counter, a broad smile flashing white and gold teeth under a healthy moustache. His thin frame hunches slightly, but his fingers and deft and seemingly in constant motion. His brown skin is extenuated by the garish colors he wears.

Welcome welcome my friends. Welcome to the Bizarre Bazaar.


Kabir Chaudhary
Kabir: STR 9, DEX 13, Con 10, INT 16, WIS 9, CHA 14

Cats Herbs

A small shop in the Northeastern part of Kowal, it is across from Hynes Park. It is a both a storefront and the home of the Catniks. They make all sorts of poultices, herbal remedies, and potions. They all work with varying degrees of success.
You approach a small two story building, its foundation solid, but the whole structure leans back and forth as if the builder has been drunk. The windows are all covered in glass, a rare commodity, but they are yellowed from the inside. You open the crooked door and the smells of herbs and incense hit you.

Bottle, vials, and pouches hang everywhere. Herbs hang drying in every available space. 4 different cats lounge in various places about the small shop. A tall broad man, with hunched shoulders and small glass walks to the front counter.

“Well, ahhh, hello there. What might you need?” His accent is thick.

Behind him a woman, looks up from grinding something into a bright purple powder. Her eyes are kind and her smile welcoming.

Bojana and Rocard Catnik


  • Rocard: STR 10, DEX 10, Con 12, INT 17, WIS 8, CHA 9
  • Bojana: STR 9, DEX 8, CON 10, INT 14, WIS 15, CHA 13

Items for sale:

Alchemist Fire 10gp
Healing Salve 30gp
Lamp Oil 1sp
Tallow from an unmated male pig 1gp

Crane Company

Crane Company Mercantile is a trading companies that trades up and down the Weron River. They have a lot of funding and a wide trade network. 

They are also well known for the collection of ancient art and artifacts. They often sell and trade these goods to the rich and powerful of Uteria.

Darkwinter Tavern

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Darkwinter Tavern was opened after the long winter of ’93. Owned and run by Rob Bevaskin, a war veteran and ex merchant. He made his money taking supplies through the harsh lands between the neighboring cities, but “retired” by opening the tavern.

It is a popular place in Kowal for travelers, adventurers, and soldiers.



  • Poached Eggs and Kielbasa 8 sp
  • Rabbit Stew and Hazelnut Bread 5 sp
  • Bread Loaf 2 cp
  • Cheese, hunk of 1 sp


  • Rye, shot 2 sp
  • Rye, bottle 3 gp
  • Ale, Pint (Breaker’s Brew) 4 cp
  • Wine (Tiren Red Blend), pitcher 2 sp

Druid Grove of Thay

Thay is a human magic user who came to Kowal with a knight named Roe. He was a traveler from the Tiren Druidic order, sent West to find knowledge and start his own grove. The attitude towards magic in Kowal was much more closed minded than the kingdom of Tiren. 

In the face of such bigotry, Thay knew his mission was to create a place of safety and knowledge for those seeking refuge from persecution. He built his grove hidden away in the Lesh Forest, where a close friend had shown him a waystone. This place of power was hidden deep in the forest and Lesh found this the perfect place for his abode. The grove is small now, but with the right guidance it shall grow.

Duke’s Arena

An arena built outside the Northern Wall of Kowal by the Uthgard Army. Uthgard uses the Arena to entertain the people, train warriors, and recruit new soldiers.

Dworv Town

A place where dworvs live in Kowal.

Dwygar – The Maker


The Red Guard home base in Kowal.

It is also the prison that holds captured mages. It was destroyed in 5706 in an event that many can not even remember clearly.

It is adjacent to the Walled Tower, the home of Baron Zadeku.

Groenwald’s Booksellers

A large bookstore located in Kowal. The owner, Artur Groenwald III, maintains a long family alliance with the Kowal Library.