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    Name: Joe Smith

    E mail:

    Requested Dates: Anytime in the next two weeks, Except Tuesdays

    Adventuring Group: Kad, Bremen, Grael, Roe

    Region: E5

    Goal: To further explore the caverns discovered there.


    Ferric Watoss

    Ferric was a shop owner in Kowal. His shop specialized in buying rare and strange objects. He had received warning from the Wanderer’s that his shop was targeted by the Red Guard. Fleeing in the middle of the night, he escaped the Elmhearth. 

    He has now opened up a shop, called the Supply Tent, which is just that, a tent that deals in the supplies and items of the Elmhearth refugee camp.



    Race: Human Age 51
    Class: Fighter 4
    Challenge Rating: 3
    Size: Medium
    Initiative: +1

    Hit Points: 38
    Armor Class: 17, touch 11, flat-footed 16
    Saves: Fort +7 Ref +5 Will +2
    Weakness: Hurt ankle (slower movement, can not travel over long distances)

    Speed: 25
    Base Attack: +4
    Melee: Mace +6 (1d6+2)
    Ranged: —
    Special Attacks:
    Mana: —

    Abilities: STR 14, DEX 12, CON 15, INT 13, WIS 11, CHA 10
    Skills: Acrobatics +2, Athletics +4, Awareness +4, Endurance +5, Knowledge +3, Persuasion +3, Spellcraft –, Survival +1, Thievery +2
    Talents: Investigator
    Special Qualities: —


    Helfen traveled as a caravan guard before he joined the Wanderers. He was not a thrill-seeker and worked mainly as a guard for Wanderer tasks. As soon as a way arose for him to get off the road, he jumped at the position. During the rebuilding of Elmhearth, he fell from the second story and severely damaged his ankle.

    Optimistic, Hard-working, Rigid

    Living Campaign Rules

    The SagaBorn living campaign is a bit different then your normal TTRPG campaign. This is based on a West Marches style game (see more from Matt Colville We want to have many players, like 20-30. Players, when they want to adventure, form a group of six, picking from any of the other SoS players to form a 3-6 person group. They then decide where they want to venture, or what quest they want to fulfill off the Task Board. The group then petitions one of the GMs (Mike in the first couple of months) to make an adventure and they all schedule a time.

    Rule One:

    You are an adventurer because you feel a strong call in your bones to adventure. The boredom of a calm life doesn’t appeal to you – you are driven to leave behind the safety of civilization and explore the wilds to make your name. Regardless of what drives you, you are driven. You choose where to go and what to do. There will be a handful of obvious choices, but you don’t by any means need to take them. The adventure is in your hands.

    Other “rules”:

    • Players can suggest or join sessions on an at-will basis. There is no assumed set party – characters can adventure in many different groups.
    • Each session is presumed to be self-contained. Players venture into the wild, find or are found by adventure, and return home each session.
    • New characters start at level 1. Characters keep whatever gold and XP they earn from session to session, and characters may (until further notice) group with other characters of any level.
    • Every character starts each session in Kowal. If characters have not returned home by the end of the session, they automatically return after play has ended.
      • Exceptions from this rule can be made to accommodate longer adventures spanning over multiple sessions.
    • The players decide where to go and what to do in advance.
    • There is a shared world map, that’s potentially unreliable.

    Northguard Inn

    The inn is tall for a two-story building. Its stone walls have aged from the weather. The two large metal doors open easily into a large common room. A quick look around shows an assortment of people, and all the tables and chairs are taken, save for a round table in the corner, near the hearth.

    Innkeeper Baralt (Commoner 1): Owner of the tavern. He is pudgy and a big beard hangs below a smile that splits his face.


    • Eggs, Jerky, and Potatoes  (5 cp)
    • Stewed Grouse and Turnip, Tankard of Mead (12 cp)
    • Millet Porridge, Mug of Ale (2 cp)
    • Stewed Sausage and Watercress, Tankard of Beer (12 cp)
    • Salted Crayfish and Barley Bread, Tankard of Ale (11 cp)
    • Pickled Mutton and Dried Lettuce, Tankard of Cider (7 cp)

    Overnight prices:

    • Common room (3cp)
    • Bunk room with bed (1sp)
    • Bath (1sp)
    • Private room with 2 beds (3sp)

    Shadows of the Swordspynes Adventurers

    Helfen’s List of Adventurers


    • Lisabeth –
    • Level 1 Bard
    • Discord: DnDungeonMaster

    Lisabeth is an independent and inquisitive young woman who is trying to learn about the world and herself.

    • Marrik Stonesplitter
    • Level 1 Rogue
    • Discord: Lionheart the 1st

    I am a grizzled and scarred Half Dwarf, with shoulder length black hair and a beard halfway down my chest. My blue eyes peer out from under thick black eyebrows. My nose has been broken multiple times, and there is a white streak through my beard where a scar runs from the edge of my mouth down to my neck.

    I appear to be what a human would consider middle aged, and am 5’5″ in height. A keen observer would notice that I walk much lighter on my feet than any of my full-blooded Dwarven brethren. I wear cobbled together hide armor/clothes, and carry a pickaxe across my back.

    My gruff/grouchy demeanor is not easy to be around. Mostly I attempt to keep quiet while spending time around others, but my deep angry voice issues forth short terse answers when forced into conversation.

    • Matrick
    • Level 1 Ranger
    • Discord: Joe Slucher#2310 

    Despite his height of 6’4, Matrick, still looks more like a boy than a man at only 18 years of age. A gangly pencil-necked boy with a desperate attempt for a beard growing on his face and a head of hair that looks like a pile of springs that bounce wildly with every movement. His clothes are of good quality and designed for utility rather than appearance. He has a leather-wrapped notebook strapped to his thigh at all times. If you have seen him around town, he always seems to be in a hurry.

    • Ripley
    • Level 1 Wylder
    • Discord: Bludias

    Human, Male, around 40 years. Wylder Battle Mage. For hire, but when the family calls for aid, will leave party for the time it takes to settle the need. Wanderer, doesn’t try to form lasting bonds but won’t deny them if they happen.

    • Tilda Ironforge
    • Level 1 Rogue
    • Discord

    Tilda stands about two inches shy of five feet tall, with a ruddy brown complexion and shockingly bright blond hair. Her eyes are deep blue and have a perpetual look of sadness about them. She is well-muscled, especially about the arms that look to have been worked at a Dwarven Forge. She perpetually carries a forging hammer that looks older than she is.

    Shadows of the Swordspynes Living Campaign

    Campaign Quick Start Guide

    Shadows of the Swordspyne is a campaign that takes place in the Eastlands of Atheles. It centers on the stronghold of Elmhearth, and the Wanderers Guild, of which all adventures in the campaign are a part of. 

    Elmhearth was once just an outpost for the Wanderers, an adventurers guild. The nearby metropolis, Kowal, has fallen to dark times. People are accused of witchcraft and burned at the stake. The Red Guard and their ally, the Orthodox Unelesia Church, have imprisoned anyone who does not fit their definition of holy and normal. You and others have fled to Elmhearth as a sanctuary. But for Elmhearth to survive, you must help its overseer, Helfen. The refuge needs food, protection, and especially gold.


    You find yourself in Elmhearth, an outpost for the Wanderers. Kowal has become too dangerous to those who don’t fit within the cities narrow cultural norm. You have come here for sanctuary, and hopefully to start a new life away from the oppressive city.

    What is the campaign?

    Shadows of the Swordspyne is a living campaign, which will be run much like a West Marches campaign ( see Matt Colville’s video on it: Adventures will be player driven, and as we grow, we will add new GMs, new locales, and new players.

    How is it played (aka how is it a living campaign)?

    Elmhearth is a encampment which has become refuge for people leaving the turmoil of the city. The players will all work for the Wanderers, but the game will hinge on their participation. The players have to form a group, decide what they want to do, and contact a GM about setting up a session time. Plans must be submitted at least one week before the game session to give the GM time to develop an adventure.

    Here is our living campaign rules page.

    What do I need?

    You will need the free Beta SagaBorn 1.5 ruleset book ( and Fantasy Grounds (free edition) (

    To be accepted, a player MUST submit a level 1 character sheet and fill out the Wanderer’s application.

    How do I GM?

    We are keeping the GM pool small for now, but will expand in the future. You must play in at least 4 sessions within the campaign before you can apply to be a GM.

    Shadows of the Swordspynes Adventurers

    Shadows of the Swordspynes Non-player Characters

    The Map

    Map Rules

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    Task Board

    Task Board

    • Investigate the highway men that have been reported on the east road. 100 gp
    • Find a way to buy food, or do some hunting. 10 gp
    • Guard a caravan of supplies and craftsmen to the new tower. 100 gp
    • Investigate area where foragers were attacked. 125 gp
    • Investigate rumors of a Red Guard tower being built along the edge of the forest.