Kaldrath and Myragol

Kaldrath and Myragol, digital, 24×48″


Some saw him as a savior, some as a tyrant. Kaldrath was both. He freed the elves from his own people, the Eldar, while leading a genocide against them. To those he freed, Kaldrath desired loyalty, and any who were not loyal or ready to fight in his name where put back in chains. For a while he ruled all of Uteria, his faithful companion a giant red dragon, named Myragol, always at his side. But neither tyrants nor saviors often last, and he fell to his hubris and was imprisoned in another plane. What happened to Myragol, none know. Still, millenia later, the legends of Kaldrath ruling from his green marble halls shape our worldview and the myths within it.

Aledyn, Druid