We need help coming up with an iconic name!

All roleplayers know what a Dungeon Master is, and a Vampire knows what a storyteller is. For us Pathfinders, a Game Master leads the way. But who weaves the story in Uteria?

Dane and I have been tossing around names for a while, trying to come up with a unique name for those who run our game. We want something that shows how our game should be run, and add a little flavor at the same time.

Uteria is a story heavy RPG, and our game master name should reflect it. We really liked Green Fariy’s name of Chronicler for their Of Gods and Heroes system, but we decided that our GM is not just chronicling the adventurers, he is helping the story be told. For the past few weeks, we have though about Story Master. But as Justin from Green Fairy games said, that sounds like we just slapped together Dungeon Master and Storyteller. And telling someone you are SMing tonight just sounds.. wrong. Then I though, maybe we just called the GM the Guide. But we haven’t found the right fit yet.

Finally I said, “Wait, I have a ton of creative friends. Let’s make them do the work!”. Ok, not really, but we would love your input.

So, if you want, help us come up with a good name for the GM, and we will give you a copy of our soon to be released Ferryport Adventures book with an original drawing in the front by me! If you are already getting the book, we will find something else very cool for you to have. I am sure we have something interesting around the office you may want. So get crackin’ on a thesaurus!

Thanks in advance for all the great (and one weird) suggestions we are sure to get!


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