Mana Pool (Mana per day)

After 8 hours of rest, a spellcaster gains a base Mana pool to pull from in order to cast spells. This Mana is based on two factors: (1) the character’s caster level and (2) their primary spellcasting ability score.

Mana POOL = BASE Mana + Mana BONUS

The following table indicates the base Mana gained each day (after 8 hours of rest) based on the caster’s level.  

Mana Pool Table 1: Base Mana per Day

Caster Level Wylder, Luminar Mana per Day Bard Mana per Day
1st 2 0
2nd 4 0
3rd 7 1
4th 11 2
5th 16 6
6th 24 9
7th 33 11
8th 44 14

Spellcasters can also receive bonus Mana if their primary Spellcasting ability Score (i.e., Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma) is high enough. At first level, a player chooses their spellcaster’s primary ability, which all their bonuses are based upon. They cannot alter this choice, unless they change a spellcasting class, such as changing from Wylder to Luminar, or Wylder to fighter.

Most spellcasters in Atheles use Intelligence as their primary spellcasting ability; however, the Game Master should feel free to allow the use of Wisdom or Charisma for the primary spellcasting ability if it makes for a better story or character development.

To determine your Mana bonus, simply consult Table 2 and find the intersection of the row for your primary spellcasting ability score and the column for the maximum spell level your character is capable of casting.

Mana Pool Table 2: Mana Bonus (Based on Spellcasting ability Score vs. Spellcaster Level)

Spellcasting Base ability Score Level of Spellcaster  
1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8
12-13 1 1 1 1
14-15 1 4 4 4
16-17 1 4 9 9
18-19 1 4 9 16
20-21 2 5 10 17
22-23 2 8 13 20


To calculate your total Mana allowed per day, referred to as your Mana pool, just add your base Mana to your Mana bonus.

For example, a 5th level Luminar with an Intelligence of 17 would gain 9 extra Mana points per day to add to their base Mana of 16, for a total of 25 Mana per day (assuming their base ability is Intelligence).

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