Fort Deadrick

City Statistics

Crime 1; Economy 2; Law 6; Knowledge 4; Magic 5

Highest Stat is 10, lowest 1


Large Town: Population 2100

80% human, 15% elfling, 3% dwarf, 2% faun


Government: Aristocracy

Ruler Lady Balan

She has ruled for 60 years since her husband passed away.

Attitude: Downtrodden. The town has been suffering famines and sickness for decades. The past 3 years have been the worst, corn and soybean crops have all rotted in the fields. All that has survived is cabbage and potato crops.

Superstitious: the peasants are fearful of Lady Balan, and see witchcraft in many places, but also seek a saviour.

The town is mainly under the thumb of the magistrate.

3 constables

Places of interest:

  1. Courthouse
  2. The Flogged Pony Tavern
  3. Crying Raven Inn and Tavern
  4. Belastikof Goods
  5. Ed’s Smithy
  6. Doctor Genbi (dwarf)
  7. Butcher
  8. Graf the leatherworker and bootmaker
  9. Masoleum
  10. The Fort

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