SagaBorn Review and Game Session with the Called Shot Podcast

The awesome folks at The Called Shot Podcast did a little side adventure in Atheles, showing off the SagaBorn RPG. It is a great run, and their show is a lot of fun! Be sure to check it out. They also have a great review at the end of the podcast for the SagaBorn system.

You can read the review and listen to the adventure here:

Thanks for the support and spread the word, we need more monster hunters!



The three stumble back into the warehouse, their faces covered in soot. Perrin and Xynx rush up.

“Wow, nice face paint! Can I get some?” Xynx asks.

“Are you all ok?” asks Perrin, his face serious.

“Ya, just some silly men in masks trying to burn down dwarf town.” replied Ruhm. His hands were stained with blood and ash “We stopped them.”

Jan walks forward. “Thank you for protecting my warehouse and all of Kowal.”

The three look up, echoes of “Hail the heroes of dwarf town” still echoing in their ears. Roe rubbed soot from his eyes, “Let’s hope it doesn’t come back to haunt us.”

The Children of the Light that you captured had been left tied up in front of the local city guard headquarters. The rest of the night was more calm, and the next day was chilly, but clear.

Banners whipped and cracked in the cold air in front of the Walled Tower. Guards in bright red armor stood on either side of the balcony dias. The Baron became visible as he strode out onto the balcony. His slim tall form was accentuated by a tight grey formal coat. This hair was slicked back, and his blue eyes seemed to see everyone in the crowd.

“Last night on Mooruk’s Night, as some call it, we saw large portions of the city destroyed. Citizens were hurt, property lost, the city scarred.”

“We live in strange times. Demons have come back to haunt us. Witches are among us. But long have the dwarves been a part of our city. Elflings have freely lived among our streets. And elves, though newly returned, offer us no danger. But last night a group of radicals took it upon themselves to hurt those who are a part of our city. This will not be tolerated. We will seek out these Children of the Light and we will wipe them from the streets. They will hang side by side in judgement. Kowal is being reborn. Our industry is returning. The North will make us prosperous again. And we, the people of Kowal, deserve  better than last night. May the rest of the festival of Mordreen be peaceful. Grace to you, and your ancestors during this time!” He held up both hands, and a brief smile played across his face. Then he turned and entered back into the dark recesses of the tower.

Perrin watched the street. The warehouse was safe enough during the day, and he always got antsy just sitting around. People went to and fro gathering sweets and breads, meat and vegetables for the upcoming feast. As he watched, two city guards strolled down the street. He tensed. They were across the avenue, but you never knew how sharp-eyed they were. They slowed for a moment in front of a poster, its worn edges showing it had survived many days of weather, the faces displayed were blurred but familiar. The word WANTED was still bright and bold though. With a flick of a wrist, one of the guards picked it off the wall and let it slowly glide down to the street, where it rested in a puddle and slowly drifted away til it plummeted down a sewer drain.

Perrin gave a half smile and turned back into the alley.

The building seemed empty. The door had been torn off, the tables inside broken and scattered. Ruhm entered slowly. “Hello?” He walked across the littered floor looking left to right. A soft footfall echoed on the stairwell. He placed his hand on his axe and turned. A woman, her one hand holding a knife and the other a bundle of clothes, stood there, her eyes filled with surprise.

“Oh, just the person I wanted to see. I wondered if you wanted a job since you know, we maybe messed up this one?” Ruhn smiled, a hint of guilt playing across his face.

Notes on the play session:

  • Vencel cast fireball in the basement hurting everyone and killing himself.
  • Shovel (Son of Silence) is taken to the city guard by Greel.
  • Saved the city guardsmen Gennen, Fleg. They swore they would remember the help.
  • Saved Dwygar and other dwarves.
  • Killed or captured some Children of the Light as they started fires or hurt dwarves.
  • Put out fires in dwarf town.
  • Were named the heroes of dwarf town.

Back to the Homestead

The iron door clanked shut.

“I don’t like having these cells down here,” said Thay.

Roe looked over, his eyes understanding, “I know. Neither do I. But we have to have some place to hold those who we capture. At least until we figure out what to do with them.”

A gruff voice came out from the barred door on the right. “Better just kill me. And yerselves. The Sons won’t take nicely to you killin’ our members.”

Roe glanced at that cell, then with worried eyes at the other, silent cell. Inside a skinny man, his hands and neck chained in iron, sat cross legged staring at the door with one unnatural metal eye.

“We have to contact Biena. She will know what to do.” Roe looked to his companions. They all nodded in agreement.

As they all filed out of the basement, Leshy held his backpack tight, the large tome inside seeming unnaturally warm.

Shadows of the Tower: Path of Two, Adventure One

Apra 4th – Dusk

The moons had started to appear in the darkening sky. The wooden bridge creaked in the wind over the chasm behind the adventurers.

Two bandits struggled against their bonds. They tried to cry out, but Roe had muffled their foul mouthes with strips of cloth. Thay tended to their wounds. He turned to the others.

“We did not have to kill them, we could have incapacitated them.”

Leshy looked up, he strange eyes seemed puzzled. “What does mean, incapacitate? These were enemies. Enemies get defeated.”

“And now what do we do with them? We have to get to Elmhearth, and they will just slow us down.” Roe seemed a little uncomfortable straying from the mission.

Leshy interjected, “We defeat them. Then we go.”

The rogue looked ready to say something when the older bandit loosened his mouth gag enough to talk, “No reason for all of that. I can pay you. And pay you well, if you let us go.”


The adventurers left Kowal and headed north. In the forest, they were attacked by wolves, though they successfully defeated or scared off the beasts. On the third night they arrived at the Northguard Inn.

They sat at the large round table, which seemed a little short. They then found out that they had taken a dwarven patrol’s regular table. After a night of drinking and stories, the dwarves challenged the group to a wrestling match.  Leshy successfully defeated a one armed dwarf, and after such a good show, Mort pledged his and his “Irregulars” friendship to the adventurers.

Continuing on the Elmhearth, the adventurers ran afoul of some bandits at a large bridge. The bandits were defeated, though two survived and were taken prisoner.



The Dead Gulch Adventure is now Live on Kickstarter!

kickstarter-image3Plagues have ravaged the lands for generations. While the city of Ferryport has been spared the worst, it has still seen its share of death and pestilence. During the worst outbreaks, corpses lined the streets and the people had to find a place to dispose of the bodies. North of the city, they walled up the sewers and filled them like catacombs with the charred bones of the dead. In the southern parts of the city, they dumped corpses by the thousands into the canyon which split the land between South Hollow and Lyncast. This became known as the Dead Gulch.
The adventurers are hired by Tain Northbow, a druid and advisor to Silas Monta, one of the most powerful men in Ferryport. A man of his power and influence has many friends and many enemies. One of Silas’ longtime adversaries among the Guildmasters is Lord Resly. After the treason of Lord Glycyn, former ruler of Ferryport, Resly opposed all motions to move toward a democratic government. Resly believed the city needed a single strong ruler, supported by the Guildmasters, who would become minor lords of the city.
Now, Resly has been missing for over two weeks. The City Guard have investigated and found no trace of Resly, save a rumored visit to a traveling circus. His house sits abandoned and watched over by the Guard. Rumors have started to circulate that Silas may have eliminated his biggest opponent. To clear his name, Silas has hired you to look into the disappearance and report back with anything you find.
Explore the strange and mysterious Todaren Family Circus. Look for clues to explain Resly’s disappearance. Explore the cemetery during the unnatural storms that have been increasing in severity. And continue to forge your own legacy within the chronicles of Ferryport.
The Dead Gulch is a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game-compatible role playing adventure designed for 4 to 6 characters of 2nd level. This adventure is part 2 of the Ferryport Adventures: Return of the Fey adventure path, set in the dark world of Uteria.