Tendril Wurm

Tendril Wurm

Challenge Rating: 5

Size: Medium

Type: Animal

Initiative: +1



Hit Points: 34 (4HD)

Armor Class: AC 16, touch 10, flat-footed  14 (+2 Dex, +4 natural)

Saves: Fort +5 Ref +6 Will +2

Weaknesses: –



Speed: Speed 5′ on land, swim 30′

Base Attack: +2

Melee: Melee 6 tendrils per round +5 (1d4+3 plus grab), bite +5 (1d6+3 only if in Feeding Grip)

Special Attacks: Feeding Grip

Sanity Effects: –



Abilities: STR 16, DEX 15 , CON 16, INT 1, WIS 12, CHA 2

Skills: Acrobatics +2, Athletics +3,  Awareness +5, Endurance +3, Knowledge –, Persuasion –, Spellcraft +1 , Survival +1, Thievery +5

Talents: Alertness, Stealthy

Special Qualities: Can breathe underwater



Environment: Temperate rivers and Swamps

Organization: Solitary, clutch (1-6 young, 1 Mother)


Treasure: None


Feeding Grip

When attempting to grip a medium-sized or smaller creature, the wurm rolls against its opponent’s touch AC to encircle it with one or more tendrils. A successful hit means it has wrapped its tendril around the creature. It has 6 tendrils, which can each make an attack on a single target or multiple targets. When attacking creatures its size or smaller, if a tendril wurm hits its foe with two or more tendrils it can perform a Feeding Grip, attempting to pull the creature into its many-toothed maw. It must make a Heroic Action (STR). If successful, the creature is drawn into its maw, where the wurm inflicts bite damage and maintains its grapple. It cannot swallow human-sized creatures whole, since its mouth is not big enough, however it can

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