Long tusks and matching horns is what strikes most about the giant Kyzk of the plains. Hunted and revered, it is indeed a beast to remember.


A Kyzk is a large furry creature which roams the warm lands of the south. It is know as a staple of hunters in the area, not only for its flavorful meat, but also as a sport. Kyzks stand much taller than a man, and its great horns have gored many an unlucky hunter. They are muscled and thick skinned under their fur, but also fast for its size.



Challenge Rating: 6

Size: Huge

Type: Animal

Initiative: +1



Hit Points: 62 (7HD)

Armor Class: 16, Touch 9, Flat footed 15 (+1 dex, +6 Natural Armor, -2 Size)

Saves: Fort +10 Ref +5 Will+5

Weaknesses: –



Speed:  40ft

Base Attack: +5

Melee: Gore +10 (2d6+9)


Special Attacks: Stampede, Trample (2d6+9)

Sanity Effects: –



Abilities: STR 23 , DEX 12, CON 21, INT 4, WIS 15, CHA 5

Skills: Acrobatics +1, Athletics +10,  Awareness +4, Endurance +7, Knowledge –, Persuasion –, Spellcraft –, Survival +2, Thievery +1

Talents: Powerful, Run, Take a Hit

Special Qualities: Damage Reduction 1



Environment: Warm Plain or desert

Organization:  Herd


Treasure: Standard



A stampede occurs if three or more creatures with stampede make a trample attack while remaining adjacent to each other. While stampeding, the creatures can trample foes of their size or smaller, and the trample’s save DC increases by +2.


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