This aquatic creature is covered in an armored shell, has four giant claws, and a horrible visage – two small black eyes and a mass of tentacles hanging down from its mouth. It can be up to 8 feet long and weigh around 700lbs.


This giant monstrosity stays near areas with water. It moves quickly when in the water, and slows on land. It is a hunter, living only to feed and sleep. It has four claws it uses to attack and grapple opponents.


Challenge Rating: 6

Size: Large

Type: Navirite Aberration

Initiative: 0



Hit Points: 89

Armor Class: 19 ( +9 natural)

Saves: Fort +10 Ref +5 Will +5

Weakness: –



Speed: 45 submerged, or in water ( on land 20)

Base Attack: +7

Melee: (4) Claws +12  (1d6+5), Bite (if grappled) (1d6+5 plus poison)

Ranged: Throw boulder +7 (1d8+5)

Special Attacks: Reach 5’, grab, poison

Sanity Effects: First Encounter 1/1d8, if grappled by the Grelm 1/1d8



Abilities: STR 21, DEX 11, CON 15, INT 6, WIS 10, CHA 7

Skills: +2 Acrobatics, +5 Athletics, +7 Awareness, +3 Endurance, +0 Knowledge, -2 Persuasion, – Spellcraft, +0 Survival, +3 Thievery

Talents: Alertness, Cleave, Run

Special Qualities: +3 Awareness, low light vision, fearless



Environment: Temperate marshes, water filled caverns

Organization: Solitary, pair, or pack (3-5)

Treasure: Standard


Grelm Saliva – DC 14 Injury, 1 CON, 1 minute later 2 CON



When hit with an attack that also does grab, the attacker and defender must roll a heroic action. If the defender loses, they become grappled. They must succeed at a Heroic Action during their turn to free themselves.

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