Gorgalugs, often called “tank slugs” by adventurers, are large creatures who live within the dark caverns and deep recesses of the earth. They burrow through solid stone by two means of acid production: some from a gland under its mouth which it can spit precisely up to 30 feet, and the other secreted from pores all over the Gorgalug’s body. They will normally make a lair in a giant cavern and attract prey by using a scented oil secreted from their bodies.


Gorgalugs enjoy hitting their prey with their acid split and watching as the victim squirms in pain before devouring it.


Challenge Rating: 6

Size: Large

Type: Aberration

Initiative: +1



Hit Points: 90 (HD)

Armor Class: 18, touch 10, flat footed 16 (+1 dex, +8 natural armor, -1 size)

Saves: Fort +10 Ref +3 Will +9

Weaknesses: —



Speed: 30’, burrow 10’

Base Attack: +7

Melee: 2 Slams +12 (1d6+4)

Ranged: Acid Spit +8 (2d4+2 Acid Damage for 2 rounds)

Special Attacks: Acid Spit

Sanity Effects: –



Abilities: STR 20, DEX 13, CON 21, INT 10, WIS 10, CHA 6

Skills: Acrobatics +1, Athletics +5,  Awareness +2, Endurance +5, Knowledge +0, Persuasion -3, Spellcraft –, Survival +0, Thievery +1

Talents: 4 points or recommended: Alertness, Blind Fight, Great Fortitude, Toughness

Special Qualities: +3 Thievery for stealth in lair, Pungent Scent, Acid Immunity, Dissolve Stone, Armor Shell



Environment: Underground

Organization: Solitary


Treasure: None


Acid Immunity

Gorgalugs are immune to all forms of acid, both mundane and magical.


Acid Spit  

Every 2 rounds a Gorgalug can shoot a glob of acid from a gland under its mouth towards a victim. This acid is the same as what the Gorgalug uses to burrow through the ground. It does 2d4+2 damage for two rounds. The acid is solid enough to not splash, so creatures nearby are at no risk of splash damage. Reflex DC 20 no damage.


Pungent Scent  

Gorgalugs secrete an oil which smells of rotting meat. This is used to draw prey, but can also warn adventurers of the Gorgalug.


Dissolve Stone

A Gorgalug can use its powerful acid to burrow through solid rock. It first makes small openings for it to begin burrowing, typically by spitting acid from a special gland under its mouth, which it also uses to attack unsuspecting adventurers.


It then secretes an acid similar to its spit (but much more concentrated) from various pores all over its body. As it squeezes its body into those small cracks and crevices, the acid dissolves the surrounded stone, creating larger paths and tunnels through the earth.  In this manner, a Gorgalug can burrow through the ground at a speed of 5 feet per hour.


Armor Shell

A Gorgalug can curl into a tight ball, shielding itself from attacks with its armored plating along its backside. These armored plates are stronger than most metals found in the world, and increase its AC by 25. The shell itself has the following stats: hardness 10, hit points 80, Break DC of 27. A Gorgalug can stay in this state for up to 2 weeks without need of food or water.


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