Challenge Rating: 5

Size: Large

Type: Draconian

Initiative: +5



Hit Points: 51 (6HD)

Armor Class: 16, touch 10, flat-footed 15  (+6 Natural armor, +1 dex, -1 size, )

Saves: Fort +8 Ref +6 Will +6


Speed: 40 ft. (8 squares), fly 90 ft. (good)

Base Attack: +7

Melee: Bite +9 melee (2d6 + 4) or claw +4 melee (1d8 + 2)

Special Attacks: Breath Weapon



Abilities: STR 19, DEX 13, CON 17, INT 6, WIS 12, CHA 13

Skills: Acrobatics +1, Athletics +4,  Awareness +1, Endurance +3, Knowledge N/A, Persuasion +1, Spellcraft +4, Survival +1, Thievery +1

Talents: Ability Focus (Breath Weapon), Flyby Attack, Improved Initiative,

Special Qualities: Low-Light Vision, Darkvision 60 ft, Immunity to Magic Sleep effects and Paralysis, Scent


Environment: Warm Mountains

Organization: Solitary, Pair or Family (1-2 and 2-5 offspring)

Treasure: Standard


Breath Weapon

A drake can breathe fourth a cone of fire. This fire when used spreads fourth in a 30 ft cone dealing 6d6 damage, and a character caught in the cone can make a DC 16 (10 + 1/2 its HD + con mod) reflex save for half (any creature held in the Drake’s mouth at the time the breath weapon is used, is not entitled to a reflex save for half damage). This attack is not used often by the Drake, but is most commonly seen when a creature attempts to threaten or provoke the Drake.


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