Challenge Rating: 6

Size: Medium

Type: Fey (Navirite)

Initiative: +4



Hit Points: 65 (6HD)

Armor Class: 19, touch , flat-footed  (+4 natural, +5 Dex)

Saves: Fort +4 Ref +9 Will +9

Weaknesses: Legacy/Silver/Amarnium/Aradan Steel/cold iron



Speed: 30

Base Attack: +10

Melee: +10

Ranged: +15

Special Attacks: Ability Warp,  spell-like abilities – dancing lights, daze, dispel magic, snare, improved invisibility

Sanity Effects: Attack Sanity 1/2d6



Abilities: STR 11, DEX 19, CON 12, INT 18, WIS 13, CHA 18

Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics,  Awareness, Endurance, Knowledge, Persuasion, Spellcraft, Survival, Thievery

Talents: 4 points or recommended: Advantage, Deceitful,

Special Qualities: Damage Reduction 5 or Legacy/Silver/Amarnium/Aradan Steel/cold iron,






Treasure: Standard


Spell-Like Abilities

At will— dancing lights,daze, snare (DC 13); 3/day— dispel magic (DC 13); 1/day—improved invisibility (DC 15). The save DCs are vs. Will.


Ability Warp

An ashiron can drain an ability, HP, or mana from a target creature and grant it to themselves or another creature. They must succeed at a Heroic Action (INT vs Will) while the target is visible. A creature being granted the drained energy may resist with a Will save DC15. A target’s ability score, HP, or mana can not be reduced below 4.

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