Adalaide Arany

Wylder Lvl 1
CR 1/2
Medium Size
Initiative =+1
Mana: 3
HP 9
AC 12
Fort: 3 Ref: 1 Will: 3
Speed: 30
Base Attack: +0
Melee: Quarter Staff 1D6
Special Attacks:
STR: 11
Dex: 12 +1 +1
Con: 12 +1
Int: 16 +2
Wis: 13 +1
Cha: 12 +1
Acro: 2
Athl: 1
Awar: 2
Endu: 2
Know: 3
Pers: 2
Spel: 4
Surv: 2
Thie: 2
Talents: Healing, Tenacity
Special: Wild magic
Environment: Ferryport
Organization:The Wanderers
Equipment: Flint/steal, Pouch belt, Waterskin, Healer Kit, silk rope, quarterstaff
Background: My family owns a cart in the market at Ferryport, my father sells produce and my mom has herbal remedies. I discovered my magic ability while traveling to new regions to find exotic ingredients for my families cart. I am seeking adventure to get an opportunity to hone my skills.
Characteristics: thoughtful, attentive, balanced
Legacy Item(s): Cloak

Alveon’s Alchemical Shop

Alveon’s Shop is located in the Noble Quarter and is known for a variety of wares. While his potions and salves have healed many, the rich of Ferryport look to Alveon for his wines. Alveon himself is a strange fellow. Tall and angular, he often seems like he is laughing at you as he peers over his round glasses. No one is sure of his exact age, but he looks to be between thirty and forty summers. No one remembers a time when his shop wasn’t open in the quarter, and some rumors say that he resembles his father so much they may be the same person.

Bergamot Komondor

Race: Faun
Class: Bard
Level: 1
Challenge Rating: 1/2
Size: Medium

Hit Points: 8
Armor Class: 16
Saves: Fort 0 Ref 2 Will 4

Speed: 30
Base Attack: +1
Melee: Battle Axe (S) 1D8
Ranged: Short Spear (P) 40? 1D6
CrossBow (P) 100? 1D8

Abilities: STR 11, DEX 11, CON 11, INT 12, WIS 14, CHA 17
Skills: Acrobatics 1, Athletics 1, Awareness 4, Endurance 2, Knowledge 3, Persuasion 7, Spellcraft 3, Survival 4, Thievery 0
Talents: Negotiator + CHA, Pers
Skilled +2 Skill Points
Special Qualities: Bardic Knowledge
Perform Talent
Music Countersong
Fascinate (1)
Inspire Courage

Organization: The Wanderers

Equipment: Scale Maile Heavy, Wooden Shield, Komondor Horn(Legacy), Large Backpack, Silk Rope 50?, Grappling Hook, Waterskin, Flint & Steel, Rations (4)

Background: Aristocratic Faun. Privileged upbringing and grooming. Thoroughbred(?)
Characteristics: Dreaded, Storytelling, Self-Claimed Bardic Virtuoso.

Legacy Items: Komondor Horn


Bergas Trailmaker

Bergas of the WanderersBergas is an elfling who belongs to the Wanderers. He is considered “old” for an elfling, or at least one who has not yet finished his Calling and returned to the Vale. He has lived in Ferryport for forty years, though his time has been spent on the roads with many different groups. He is short for an elfling, only hitting three heads tall. His thin frame is covered in traveling leathers, pouches, and various “knick knacks” he has collected. His face may be a little wrinkled with laugh lines, but his eyes still shine with youthful mischief.

Bergas was attracted to Ferryport from the moment he left on his Calling, but when he met Bishop, he found his life companion. Traveling with Bishop since he was young, Bergas got him both into trouble and out of it. While Bishop’s determination pushed his groups deeper into unknown regions, it was Bergas who pushed the limits and made sure they searched every nook and cranny of any ancient ruin or dungeon that crossed their path. He has slowed a bit in his “older age,” spending most of his time with Bishop at the Hovel.

While most Elflings of his age return to the Vale, Bergas is content staying in Ferryport with the Wanderers. He has no use for the politics of the day, but he does take Bishop’s opinions with his full attention.


Bergas Trailmaker
Race: Elfling
Age: 85
Classes: Rogue4 Ranger2
Challenge Rating: 5
Size: M
Handed: Ambidextrous
Initiative: +3

Hit Points: 31
AC: 14 , touch 14 , flat-footed 11
Saves: Fort +6 Ref +12 Will +2

Base Attack: +5
Melee: (, /x)
Ranged: (, /x)
Special Attacks:
Statistics: STR 13, DEX 17, CON 10, INT 13, WIS 9, CHA 15
Skills: Acrobatics 8, Athletics 1, Awareness 1, Endurance 1, Knowledge 1, Persuasion 5, Survival 0, Thievery 6
Talents: Dual Wield, Expanded Critical, Weapon Dexterity, Whirlwind Attack



Bishop is a fit man in his late forties. His tanned skin is criss-crossed with scars and his face is weather worn. Even though he is of average height, his wide shoulders make him look squatter than most. He is missing fingers on his left hand, lost long ago to a trap deep in the catacombs of a forgotten ruin. He wears the same travel-worn clothes to the Hovel (the nickname for the Wanderer’s headquarters in Ferryport) as he does when on the road.

Bishop if the Wanderers

Bishop was the best of the Ferryport Wanderers in his younger days, risking the darkest roads and the deepest ruins. He was always fair with those who traveled with him, never seeking more fame or fortune than his fellow Wanderers. Unlike most, he often drifted between traveling groups, or went on the road on his own. He is well traveled, carrying messages and packages from Ferryport to the Border Forts in the North or the Wastes of the East. Even though he still spends time traveling, he accepted the position of Lead Wanderer of Ferryport five years past. Each year since, he has been overwhelmingly reelected.

Bishop does not care for the politics of Ferryport beyond how it affects his fellow Wanderers. He pays the dues to the city, and lends the company’s services at a very discounted price to officials of the city. In Ferryport, those who wear the badge of the Wanderers are well respected due to Bishop’s leadership.


Race: Human
Age: 49
Classes: Fighter
Level: 6
Challenge Rating: 5
Size: M
Handed: Ambidextrous
Initiative: +2

Hit Points: 58
AC: 16 , touch 14 , flat-footed 14
Saves: Fort +8 Ref +6 Will +4

Base Attack: +6/+1
Melee: Scimitar +8/+3 (1d6+2, 20/x2)
Ranged: 0 ft. +8/+3 (1d6+2, 20/x2)
Special Attacks:

STR 14 DEX 14 CON 13 INT 13 WIS 11 CHA 12
Acrobatics 5, Athletics 6, Awareness 2, Endurance 2, Knowledge 3, Persuasion 4, Survival 2, Thievery 4
Talents: Expanded Critical, Mythic Heroic Action, Negotiator, Powerful, Stunning Strike, Take a Hit





  1. Willow Tree Inn (1.b Willow Tree Inn Barn)
  2. Town Hall
  3. Simon’s Stables
  4. Tellin’s General Store
  5. Black Smith Shop – Khaerg: Owner and Blacksmith
  6. Lena’s Herbs
  7. Musty Tome – Maps and Book supplies
  8. Byrn Graveyard
  9. Old Bathin’s House

Byrn  (Bee-Yeern)

Church of the One

Besides Rivenhall castle, the church is the largest building in Ferryport. While most of the deities of Uteria are represented there, it looks to the Creator as it’s patron god. During the crusades of the Knights of Valetta, most places of worship in the West became focused on the Creator. Long gone are small churches with multiple deities, spirits, and local beliefs, replaced by a watchful Creator who is best honored with gold, prayers, and obedience. The Church is run by Archpriest Prilimos, who is quite influential within the city walls.

Cutlass Tavern

A seedy bar located by the Seagull Bay, where most of the docks of Ferryport are located. This is a hole in the wall drinking spot with an assorted patronage of mostly villains and cutthroats.

Dirt Market

The Marketplace of Fish Town is called the Dirt Market by most, since the square was never properly cobbled. The large, open area is crowded, with dirty tents and wagons selling all variety of junk. The market’s mood can vary greatly, with the weather playing a large part. When it is rainy, the walkways turn to deep mud, while on a dry day, the dust can choke vendors and patrons.

Drunken Grin Tavern and Inn

This large three story building has been a fixture in the docks as far back as anyone can remember. The second story hangs precariously over the street, and the third floor rests unevenly on top of that. As of late, it has come under new ownership, and it is now the headquarters of the new Ferryport chapter of the Cantori Crime Family.