Alveon’s Alchemical Shop

Alveon’s Shop is located in the Noble Quarter and is known for a variety of wares. While his potions and salves have healed many, the rich of Ferryport look to Alveon for his wines. Alveon himself is a strange fellow. Tall and angular, he often seems like he is laughing at you as he peers over his round glasses. No one is sure of his exact age, but he looks to be between thirty and forty summers. No one remembers a time when his shop wasn’t open in the quarter, and some rumors say that he resembles his father so much they may be the same person.





  1. Willow Tree Inn (1.b Willow Tree Inn Barn)
  2. Town Hall
  3. Simon’s Stables
  4. Tellin’s General Store
  5. Black Smith Shop – Khaerg: Owner and Blacksmith
  6. Lena’s Herbs
  7. Musty Tome – Maps and Book supplies
  8. Byrn Graveyard
  9. Old Bathin’s House

Byrn  (Bee-Yeern)

Church of the One

Besides Rivenhall castle, the church is the largest building in Ferryport. While most of the deities of Uteria are represented there, it looks to the Creator as it’s patron god. During the crusades of the Knights of Valetta, most places of worship in the West became focused on the Creator. Long gone are small churches with multiple deities, spirits, and local beliefs, replaced by a watchful Creator who is best honored with gold, prayers, and obedience. The Church is run by Archpriest Prilimos, who is quite influential within the city walls.

Cutlass Tavern

A seedy bar located by the Seagull Bay, where most of the docks of Ferryport are located. This is a hole in the wall drinking spot with an assorted patronage of mostly villains and cutthroats.

Dirt Market

The Marketplace of Fish Town is called the Dirt Market by most, since the square was never properly cobbled. The large, open area is crowded, with dirty tents and wagons selling all variety of junk. The market’s mood can vary greatly, with the weather playing a large part. When it is rainy, the walkways turn to deep mud, while on a dry day, the dust can choke vendors and patrons.

Drunken Grin Tavern and Inn

This large three story building has been a fixture in the docks as far back as anyone can remember. The second story hangs precariously over the street, and the third floor rests unevenly on top of that. As of late, it has come under new ownership, and it is now the headquarters of the new Ferryport chapter of the Cantori Crime Family.


Ferryport Final M BielaczycFerryport was built during the age of kingdoms over 1000 years ago. As part of the old kingdom of Endamas, it was a hub for riverbound trade and the central marketplace for the kingdom. It was built by the dwarves, with an extensive sewer system and 30 foot high walls guarding its perimeter. The city grew large and extended past the walls, stretching from the Forest of Kaelnor to the Altros plains to the north. During the Aradan War and the years that followed, the city suffered many setbacks. The worst was the great plague that beset the city 400 years ago. The city suffered greatly and over half of the population perished. The northern part of the sewer system, which was past the city walls, were blocked off and turned into catacombs. In the following years, the plague had several resurgences, keeping the population low and causing a citywide panic. Thankfully, it has been over 60 years since the last outbreak.


Today, the city is repopulated and thriving, though many empty places can still be found throughout the city proper. The southern areas beyond the city walls have become the main farmlands of the area and trade ships now travel the river regularly. Ferryport swears no allegiance to the kingdoms of Jaeldor or Bordon, though lying between the two kingdoms and being such a valuable trade route warrants its protection from other outside forces.


Despite this time of prosperity, the city finds itself in turmoil as Lord Glycyn, baron of the city, was deposed. The city now scrambles to rebuild its government. Representatives from the neighboring kingdoms have come either to help or to hinder the process, and the political climate is quite volatile and uncertain. The anxiety of the political class has spilled into the common class, lending an edge to the city’s mood, despite its recent economic growth.

For many generations, Ferryport had been ruled by the Glycyn family. But nearly year ago, the ruling baron, Filac Glycyn, was found guilty of treason and imprisoned deep in the dungeons of what was once his own castle. Since that time, the Guildmasters of Ferryport have dedicated themselves to reforming the city so that it is ruled by a council of elected officials. While they struggle to form a cohesive government, Ferryport has become a center of hope, intrigue, treachery, and upheaval.

With the loss of the lord and the guildmasters scrambling to put together a government, most surrounding powers have sent delegations to Ferryport. Each has its own agenda, and many Ferryport citizens feel each has its own conspiratorial intents.


Ferryport Locales:

  • Rivenhall Castle
  • Church of the One
  • Southgate Inn
  • Sanctum of the Gods
  • Free Ferry
  • Southgate
  • Center Ferry
  • Sarach Taras
  • Gertra’s Herbs
  • The Market
  • Drui’ Park
  • The Hole
  • Silas Monta’s Estate
  • Shaded Quarry
  • Skyline Gate
  • Cutlass Tavern
  • Drunken Grin Tavern and Inn
  • The Red Snapper
  • Dirt Market
  • Lord Jim’s
  • Alveon’s Alchemical Shop
  • The Undermeet
  • Gray Market
  • Dirt Market
  • 555 The Hovel

Merchant Houses of Ferryport

  • House Bale
  • House Bleigh
  • House Glycyn
  • Gonzali Merchant Family
  • The Muddy Bank Ship Company
  • Mazzia Trade Company
  • Setting Sun Trade
  • Hunt Brothers Caravans
  • Gades Trade

Ferryport Personalities

Grand Ballroom

A large dance hall in the Nobles Quarter of Ferryport. It is frequented by the influential and powerful. You must have an invitation or be a member to attend any function.

Gray Market

Ferryport is a port town. Everything that enters the harbor for sale has its tariffs and taxes applied before it leaves the ship. But things often find their way into the city by other means, bypassing those legal fees. The Grey Market is how those smugglers offload wares. It is never in the same place twice, often switching from derelict house to derelict house in Fish Town. Some believe that the Kantori family runs the Gray Market, but no one has ever proven these accusations.

For all the things that can be found in the city’s main markets, some things are better bought in the shadows. The Gray Market is where these things can be found for the right price . . . if you can find it. The Market is located in the sewers below Fish Town. The right amount of silver coins in the right hands will open the way for those seeking hard to find or illegal merchandise.

Great Chasm

The rift in the mountains along the Aerlon River near the Barren Sea. It was created during the Great War by the destructive magics used.