Famous Books

Encyclopedia Atheles

Journal of Jarin Plainswalker – A journal by the druid Jarin, while studying the elves of Atheles.

Shon Averett, Endamas Zoology – Studies by the Kowal Librarian Shon Averett.

Oharad, Cryptonombus of the Navirim – Oharad is quite knowledgeable in creatures from the Navirim, and his books are well regarded by hunters.

Elstram’s Experiences with Wildlife – I have heard that Elstram was quite a strange individual, but his detailed notes on animals are unequalled.

Wolfram Buhl, Buc de Megichen Teir – an Uthgardian book series detailing magical monsters. Wolfram learned the common tongue and translated his own books into it, which might account for some small discrepancies in the use of language.

Creaturi Obscuria – A comprehensive tome of creatures, compiled from many authors over the centuries. Copies can be found in most libraries across Atheles.

Zoological Encyclopedia – One of the oldest group of tomes which deals with fauna in Atheles.


Dusk Octro 31st – Dusk Novro 3rd – Mordreen – Harvest’s End – As the leaves fall, and the harvest is reaped, it holds strong ties to the visualization of death. It is a festival in which people wear masks to hide from Kaldrath and Mooruuk, the gods of death. People also often spend time giving thanks to the spirits of their ancestors. In the east, there is the running of the light, where people run through the town late at night to scare away any evil spirits and hold the servants of Kaldrath at bay.


It is a three day festival, which actually starts the night before with Mooruk’s Night, a night in which people believe the veils between worlds are thinnest. At dusk on the third day, people celebrate with the Feast of Mordreen, a time for family and friends to gather, drink, and remember.