The SagaBorn

Michael Bielaczyc, 18×24″, Digital.


The Story of the Art

The elves have a tale about the Saaga Ute, translated to common as SagaBorn, a mythical hero who is born to save the world. They believe that Dalimar Gorfiriand was the last SagaBorn the world has seen. The elves have a long history fraught with wars, heroes, and villains. With their core view of themselves in the universe, if one is to believe their assertion that there are many inhabited planets throughout the stars, a Saag Ute must be indeed powerful.

This is not my humble view. I see the people, races, and creatures of the world as all having a hand in the future of our existence, and therefore many could be SagaBorn. The SagaBorn are those who do not stand by and watch the river of time pass by. They are the ones who make the river change course, slow down, or speed up. They do things large and small that add up to change our world and our being.

Our world is changing with or without us, and I see many who have risen up to try and make the change for the better. More than just a single hero, but that does not diminish the tales and legends that one can create. This is what we need, what the world needs. We need more to rise up and become SagaBorn.

– Aledyn , Druid