The Hovel

The meeting hall for the Wanderers, lovingly called the Hovel, is nothing short of a pieced together fortress in its own right. Originally the Wanderers used a small one story building as its headquarters, but over the years, they have purchased the surrounding properties, building and renovating until it has become a massive complex of varying levels, alleys, and courtyards. If you are a Wanderer, there is always a place to stay in the myriad of rooms in the Hovel.

Dirt Market

The Marketplace of Fish Town is called the Dirt Market by most, since the square was never properly cobbled. The large, open area is crowded, with dirty tents and wagons selling all variety of junk. The market’s mood can vary greatly, with the weather playing a large part. When it is rainy, the walkways turn to deep mud, while on a dry day, the dust can choke vendors and patrons.

Gray Market

Ferryport is a port town. Everything that enters the harbor for sale has its tariffs and taxes applied before it leaves the ship. But things often find their way into the city by other means, bypassing those legal fees. The Grey Market is how those smugglers offload wares. It is never in the same place twice, often switching from derelict house to derelict house in Fish Town. Some believe that the Kantori family runs the Gray Market, but no one has ever proven these accusations.

For all the things that can be found in the city’s main markets, some things are better bought in the shadows. The Gray Market is where these things can be found for the right price . . . if you can find it. The Market is located in the sewers below Fish Town. The right amount of silver coins in the right hands will open the way for those seeking hard to find or illegal merchandise.

Red Snapper

The best known brothel in the northern part of the city. Many of Ferryport’s secrets have passed through these doors. The building is painted with a loud assortment of colors, and the base of the building is a bright red. A sign with two large, seductive blue eyes hangs above the door, but all the locals call it the Red Snapper: a joke relating to a fish commonly caught in the local waters which is known for its large mouth. Mistress Pattaria currently runs the place, and though she looks to elevate herself and her ladies in the eyes of the city, she knows that her primary income comes from those of less power and money.

Lord Jim’s

Lord Jim’s is a small tavern right in the heart of the Fish Town market. It is a popular tavern in the area and is known for its cheap drinks and rot gut liquor. The proprietor, Jim, is a gruff man who doesn’t take kindly to any nonsense in his bar. Overall, the smokey, worn bar is welcoming to all, if a little on the rough side.

Drunken Grin Tavern and Inn

This large three story building has been a fixture in the docks as far back as anyone can remember. The second story hangs precariously over the street, and the third floor rests unevenly on top of that. As of late, it has come under new ownership, and it is now the headquarters of the new Ferryport chapter of the Cantori Crime Family.

Cutlass Tavern

A seedy bar located by the Seagull Bay, where most of the docks of Ferryport are located. This is a hole in the wall drinking spot with an assorted patronage of mostly villains and cutthroats.

The Undermeet

The Undermeet is a rumored market comprised of the worst merchants and darkest wares. People whisper of its existence, though most who brag to have been there cannot, or will not, tell how to get there. If there is something you need that is not sold in the Market District or even the Dirt Market—something vile or unmentionable—the Undermeet is where you get it. It is said it is not always in the same place, and it is not always open, but for contraband, rumored magical artifacts, or worse, the Undermeet is where you go to trade. The Undermeet is not controlled by any factions within the city, or at least no one wants to own up to being a part of such dark or despicable trading.

Silas Monta’s Estate

Silas Monta does not descend from nobility or riches, so when he became one of the more successful farmers in Ferryport, he built his estate outside of the Noble District. It is a plain two story house, but unlike other houses in this district, it sits on a larger piece of property and is surrounded by gardens that Silas himself planted and maintains.

Sarach Taras

Sarach Taras is an Ishian tavern. It is small compared to the other well-known taverns and inns of the district. It is known by many as a place to discover rare and hard-to-find items. The owner, Itasi, is a dark-skinned Ishian man and collector of strange relics and antiques. He owns an extensive library, allowing him to identify many otherwise unidentifiable items.