Black Friday Sale!

Want to get the brand new module at a big discount! Head over to Drive Thru RPG and get the Tomb of Kochun at 20% off!

This sale will go through November 10th!

Click the image eblow to visit DTrpg anf pick it up!


Finally, the Beta has begun!

The module I (and others) have been working on for so long is finally in the beta stage. The module is made for 4-6 level 7 characters. It comes with 4 premade heroes so you can jump right in to the fray! Follow the link below to download the pdf.

The Beta is now over, but the book should be available soon!

Character Sheets for the upcoming Module

So Paul just finished designing theĀ  character sheets for the pre-made characters, and they look great! We have the standard classes already rolled up and ready to go some players can jump right into the module!

The module is super close to being ready for beta, so we will be posting it up soon for testing!