Aedric Chronicles – Chapter 4

The Night Before the Trials

Snow started to fall in the afternoon, smothering the landscape in white.

Aedric and Darron had spent the afternoon walking through the woods around the commons discussing the earlier council meeting. They had no other chores or responsibilities that day, as those who were to take the Trials where given a day to rest or prepare. Instead, Aedric had been stuck answering his friends repeated questions about every minute detail of the meeting.

Darron’s large fur covered boots sunk into the deepening snow. He turned dramatically and his cloak billowed out around him. “So do you think they would actually fight the men if they saw them?” His eyes were unfocused and gazing far away, his mind on some heroic adventure.Continue reading

Aedric Chronicles – Chapter 3

The Meeting Between the Clans

The midday sun reflected off the icicles that hung from the eaves of the clan hall.

Aedric watched as the two councils entered the large doors of the building, and continued to stand there well after the doors had swung shut. Four guards walked up and took positions outside the hall, two from each clan. They stood on opposite sides of the entrance at attention with weapons at the ready. After staring at them for a brief while, Aedric turned his attention to the others of the Laindan tribe. They were leading their horses away, probably to set camp in the large clearing to the west of the meeting hall. He wondered if their arrival was purposefully near the festival of Wintercome, or if they would be traveling on before it began. His thoughts then went to his parents inside the hall, imagining what they and the other council members might discuss. He was still standing in the clearing when a voice from behind startled him.

“Well, someone has a hard time showing a welcome to guests.”Continue reading