The Elflings of Uteria is now available!


I just uploaded the Elflings of Uteria, a 10 page preview for the Elves book. I wanted to give everyone a taste for our writing style.

It is a 10 page pdf that follows one of Jarin’s first adventures with the fey of Uteria. He learns their customs and culture, and this inspires him to travel the lands and learn more of the various races of Uteria. It includes the history, culture and beliefs of the Elflings, as well as gaming stats for the race and stats for the Unmen monsters.

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Aedric Chronicles – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 The One with the Red Eyes

The mountain air was crisp and bitterly cold.

Aedric woke the next morning after a fitful night of dreams. The longhouse was quiet save for the crackling of a small fire in the hearth. His parents must have left for the town commons earlier. They had awoken him while they quietly discussing the council meeting from the night before. He had stayed in bed, partly due to sleepiness, partly eavesdropping on their conversation. It seemed that the other clan, Clan Laindan, was going to arrive at midday today. Shortly after hearing this, he had drifted back to sleep, but now, despite his continued tiredness, he had to wake and do his work around the homestead.Continue reading

Aedric Chronicles – Chapter 1

The Aedric Chronicles

A heavy fog clung to the tops of the mountains surrounding the valley.

A lone figure crouched on the mountainside looking down on the sparkling camp fires that filled the landscape below. The cool morning air caused wisps of vapor to curl out of his nostrils. His long black hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail and draped down the back of his dark brown cloak. It had all come to this.

Two armies. One battle. And one elf to stop it all.

Chapter 1 Five Years Earlier
Continue reading