Wanderer’s Guild

Much of the lands of Atheles have been left unexplored. We need Wanderers to take teams into these unknown regions and bring back tales and lore.

The Wanderer’s Guild Initiative

We are looking for people to help world-build in the lands of Atheles. By running SagaBorn games, building adventures, and creating unique NPC’s or monsters you will gain ranks within the Wanderer’s Guild. This will allow you to purchase books, gaming accessories, or art work based on the Lore Points you contribute for a given period.

We are doing this for three reasons. First we enjoy seeing the world build and expand, and being such a small company, we can only do so much. Second, we want more people to know about our world, and you are the key to that. Expansion, sharing, and demoing the game are how we build a larger fan base. Third, we want  you to feel a part of this world. Even if what you create doesn’t all become Saga, we are sure some will.

How does this translate to SagaBorn Merchandise?

  • 100 Lore Points = 1 Gold
  • 1 Gold = $1 on the SagaBorn Store
  • 1 GM Point = 50 Lore Points
  • 1 Player Point = 15 Lore Points
  • 1 Demo Point = 100 Lore Points

Ways to gain points:

  • 5 Lore Points for posting a valid question to our Questions forum.
  • 1 Lore Point for posting to any part of the Adventureboard forum.
  • 1 Demo Point per hour of demoing the SagaBorn system (SagaBorn Demo survey must be completed). This can be online or in person, but you must run an approved SagaBorn Demo kit and fill out the Demo Survey.
  • 1 GM point per hour for GMing SagaBorn with your normal group. (SagaBorn GM  Survey must be completed)
  • 1 Player Point per hour for playing SagaBorn with your normal group. (SagaBorn Player  Survey must be completed)
  • 1 Lore Point per word for any lore written and edited by you that ends up in a SagaBorn printed product.
  • Variable Lore Points for helping with assorted SagaBorn promotion and products.
  • More to come…

About the world you explore:

All lore is considered Legends until verified. Verified lore is marked as Saga, which means that it is a canonical part of the world of Uteria.


Can you publish your lore, adventures, NPCs on your own? Yes!! This is a very new concept to us, and we want this to happen but we don’t know how we will make this work at the moment. Maybe its time for a question on our question forum!



Run 200 hours of Sagaborn demos and fill out surveys.

1 Step

  • Earn 200 demo points

Grand Pathfinder

1 Step

  • Earn 1000 lore points

Dungeon Delver

1 Step

  • Earn 250 lore points

SagaBorn Game Dev

You have written Game Rules or helped create Game Products.

SagaBorn Writer

You have written for a published SagaBorn book.

SagaBorn Artist

You have made artwork that was published in a SagaBorn book.


You have done much in the lands of Atheles. Unlocks when you have earned 500 Lore Points.

1 Step

  • 1 time

Sage Advice

You have started a topic ten times in the Questions Forum.

Knowledge Seeker

You asked one question in the Question Forum




You are Legend.

2 Requirements


You have become a Wanderers Guildmaster.

2 Requirements


You have joined the adventurers guild of Atheles, the Wanderers.

2 Requirements


You have completed your first adventure.

1 Requirement


You have taken your first steps to being an adventurer.