The Seven Tears

So it was after the awakening, the dwarves of the north made many great treasures. They tried to capture the beauty of the world around them in objects of art and craft. It was during this time that seven brothers of great skill took a challenge upon each other to craft a work that would stun the others and show who had the greatest skill. Each brother took to work alone, and thought that they would capture the beauty of the heavens in earthen form. They each worked hard and long in their forges and when they came to reveal their work, they found that each had crafted a gem of such wondrous blue color that none could be named a victor. But others saw these stones and wished for them. Fearing the greed of their people, the seven brothers fled thinking to hide the stones in the south. During their flight they were hunted by their brethren and one by one were slain. When the final brother saw that his own end was at hand he tossed the stones with all of his might from the mountain top and they flew to the heavens. The final brothers life was spared as the treasure lust left the hunters. To this day the dwarves look to the winter sky and point to the stars of the seven brothers, remembering forever the greed that had once ravaged their race.

– Names- The Seven Sapphires, The Seven Tears

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