When a hero drops to or below 0, they become disabled. They must succeed at a DC12 Fortitude check to stabilize. If a hero is disabled they can not move, attack, communicate, or cast spells. Once they have successfully stabilized, they may try to succeed at a DC14 CON check to see if they become mobile. If they become mobile, they may do one limited action per round, such as move at 1/2 speed, cast a spell, use a skill, or attack an adjacent creature at – 5 to hit and damage. A hero keeps these disadvantages until they are healed or they naturally gain back enough HP to put them over 0 HP.

During combat, they may make a single CON check each round on their turn. Out of combat, they may make a check each in game hour at a +5 bonus.

Optional: If a character goes below 0 HP, they lose 1 HP per round until they stabilize.

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