Reaver (Baak Mor)

A large cloaked creature drifts from the night sky, its leathery wings so thin the moonlight passes through it. A head that resembled a vulture stares out from under the tattered hood. Its skin is marked with runes or tattoos, and its blank white eyes glow with a pallid life. Long fingered hands hang low to the ground, its talons lazily scrapping symbols in the ground as it watches you.


Created by Daigon(maybe) the creator. He was the dreadlord who loved to try and create. He twisted many different creatures into the Reavers.



Challenge Rating: 7

Size: Medium

Type: Fey

Initiative: +3



Hit Points: 59 (7d10+21) regeneration 5/round

Armor Class: 18, touch 18, flat-footed 14 (+5 natural AC, +3 DEX)

Saves: Fort 6 Ref 12 Will 11



Speed: 30’ (Fly 50’)

Base Attack: +7

Melee: (2) Claws +12 (1d8+2)

Ranged: –

Special Attacks: Mage Fire, Fear

Mana: 30

Sanity Effects: First Encounter 1/1d8, Fear



Abilities: STR 15, DEX 16, CON 16, INT 17, WIS 12, CHA 8

Skills: Acrobatics +4 , Athletics +2 , Awareness +5, Endurance +2 , Knowledge +4 , Persuasion +1, Spellcraft +3 , Survival +1 , Thievery +3

Talents: 5 points or recommended: Advantage, Cleave, Enlarge Spell, Stunning Strike

Special Qualities:  Darkvision 60’, Fly,

Mana: 35



Environment: Any

Organization: Single, or Council


Treasure: Standard


Spell-Like abilities

Mage Fire

Once per round the Reaver can cast Mage Fire and a green blast of flames erupts from their hands doing 2d8+4 fire damage to those within the cone of flame. DC 14 save to take half damage.



Any within 30’ of the Reaver are struck as if with the Fear spell. DC 17 Will save to resist.


Standard Spells

0 – Arcane Mark, Detect Magic, Open/Close

1 – Alarm, Comprehend Languages, Doom, Summon Creature

3 – Darkness, Hold Creature, Whispering Wind

5 – Glyph of Warding, Haste, Lightning Bolt

7 – Dreamwalk


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