Lorthain Tamen

Lorthain is a little taller than an average man, but his muscled frame makes him imposing. He is quiet and thoughtful, but when he is merry, his laugh fills the room. His hairless head makes him easy to pick out in a crowd, or find on a battlefield. His dark brown skin shows the scars and wrinkles of many decades of travel, looking to be over 40 cycles of age.


Lorthain was born in the Tower; his father was a refugee from the Southern Empire of Ish. His father became an Archeon and his mother a librarian at the Tower. He enjoyed his time growing up among the ancient tomes and empty passages and took the mantle of Archeon with pride and reverence when he was old enough. He was assigned to Malynn when Malynn was a young initiate, as all Archeons are assigned to Luminar by the Tower; but they have grown to be good friends.


Lorthain follows the law of the Tower to the letter. If someone is believed to the a Ravager, they must stand trial; and if found guilty, they are silenced. There is responsible use of magic and there is not, there is no gray to him in this area. His second goal is the protection of his friend Malynn.
If the adventurers end up in the drinking tent, Malynn will be waiting at a side table. He is playing a card and token game with his companion. When he sees the group read the following.

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