Cold Iron

Cold Iron

Iron has been known as a way to trap or harm the creatures of magic and fey, but Cold Iron has been forged into weapons and armor specifically to fight magic. Cold Iron weapons have been crafted by masterwork smiths and forged with the intent to harm creatures of magic. Cold Iron armor will deflect spells of witches and warlocks, while cold iron shackles will stop even a powerful wizard from using his magic.

If casting magic, cold iron causes these effects:

Cold Iron – On skin 1d6+3 per mana, in skin 2d6+6 per mana, on body, but covered (wrapped, leather bound, etc) – 1d4.

HP: Standard

Hardness: 10

Other Bonuses: Armor gives +2 to saves vs magic (only one bonus, even if you are wearing more than one piece of cold iron)

Type of Cold Iron Item Item Cost Modifier
All x2
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