A large empire nation in the Southwest area of Atheles.


The Empire of Ish has survived for over 1500 years. It was formed by Da’atra Tiria, a powerful warlord who banded all the tribes together. He was from the deep Southern lands of Ish, and he claimed heritage to the gods of the desert. This belief still holds to this day, those of the Tiria family believed to being part gods and those related to him as the trueblooded Ishians.


Da’atra and his chosen, Empress Taraherra, were both gifted in magic, and used the life power of slaves to build and solidify their empire. The Wizards of Ish were formed, their power gifted to them by the gods through Da’atra. With the use of vast armies of slaves, Da’atra and his wizards subjugated the other kingdoms of the south. Through magic Da’atra and his wife lived beyond the normal life of humans, and their many children took over positions of power throughout the Empire. The empire was taken over by their first son, Ka’atra, who continued what his father began, and built the city of Ish, which surrounded a large lake in the middle of the southern desert.


  • 4134 TM The Empire of Ish (called the Ishian Empire in the North) is formed in what becomes known as the Southlands. The first emperor of Ish is Da’atra Tiria. The Tiria family still rules in Ish now.
  • 4175 Terramahut builds the City of Pathanamitta near what is now the Foothills of Tuk.
  • 4356 The City of Pathanamitta is destroyed by the invaders from Ish. The city sinks into the desert, cursed by Taraherra, the wife of the emperor.
  • 4362 The City of  Raza Buraka is built by the escaped Warlord Tel Amarn. He escaped the destruction of Pathanamitta 6 years before.
  • 4383 Tel Amarn dies and his City of Raza Buraka sinks into the desert falling to the curse of Taraherra also.
  • 4695 Emperor Kalah bans the use of books. During this time many of the ancient texts and tomes are burnt. He also empowers the Desert people of the Jal Dur desert, promising them their own nation if they rid the wildelands of the elves. This leads to a genocide of the wild elves and though they finally push back and defeat the desertmen, they are left weakened and forever scarred.
  • 4699 The Mages of the West are formed. Ruled by three wizards they congregate in a large keep( Keep of Ismaren in the Misty Moor) along the Western coast ( Above the Vale of current times). Distrusted, they spend most of their time in solitude.
  • 4729 The Mages of the West create the Gatestone. Fearing what they have created, they lock it away deep within their keep.
  • 4740 Disagreements lead to war between Selar Dor and Pardalor. This is the beginning of the 30 Year War.
  • 4743 Small border skirmishes between the Ishian Empire and the Westlands begin.
  • 4745 The Ishian Empire begins invading the Westlands.
  • 4757 The Ishian wizards invade the keep of the Mages of the West. Most are killed and many of their books are destroyed. The Gatestone is found and used to transport large groups of the Empires armies through out the West and Northlands.
  • 4769 The Ishian Empire, worn down by years of war, pull their troops back and fortify their borders. 
  • 4977 The beginning of the Fourth Age. Years of hardship follow as the remnants of the Warlock-king’s army are still strong and cause problems all along the North and Westlands. The Ishian Empire becomes solitary, allowing no traffic to and from their country. The process of rebuilding and relearning is slow.
  • 5690 The Ishian Empire opens its borders and allows small bits of traffic. Much of the knowledge of the past is lost, the West and Northlands are no longer under the control of a single king, but instead separate entities. Bordon is still looked upon as protector of the Westlands and an uneasy peace settles over the land.
  • 5698 South Keep, once a single fortress outpost along the Ishian border, starts to become a well known trade town.


Wizards of Ish


The Wizards of Ish keep their secrets close. Once trained they are never allowed to leave the ranks of the Sorcerers. Of all the magic groups, theirs was the most untouched during the Disappearance and their stronghold in the center of Ish remains as it has for over a thousand years. But whatever knowledge they may have, they keep to themselves.

Much like the rest of the Ishian Empire their policies are strict, and death or slavery is a just punishment. 


One of the biggest differences between the Wizards of Ish and the majority of other magic using groups, is their use of slaves as power reservoirs for magic. Powerful wizards can have a stable of slaves, blank eyed and pale, who are kept on leashes as a source of power for their magic.


Ansely, Mage of Eredar, Eastlands


From the Encyclopedia Atheles


“We are all but servants.”


Ishian wizards view themselves as conduits of God, and therefore as priests instead of workers of arcane magics. The wizards of Ish call themselves the Najur, an ancient word for servant. They, like most in the Ishian Empire, worship Tanthu-Ra, a sun deity. This is why all in the priesthood wear yellow robes.

They are ranked very high within the culture of Ish, with the Grand Priest even being considered higher than the Emperor.


They occupy the Temple of the Sun, a large squat building made of black stone.


They take volunteers from the citizenry to give themselves to God. This means that they willingly become vessels for the wizards to take energy from for spell casting. The Najur see them as disciples, who become vessels to the all power of Thanthu-Ra. 


The Rebellion – Mages who fight against the tyranny of the Empire and the Wizards of Ish


The Rebellion is a rather new group of mages who oppose the rule of the Emperor and the Wizards of Ish. They are hunted mercilessly throughout the Empire, but as magic has reawakened, they have grown in numbers and in power.


Secret is their strongest advantage, so very little is known of them.