The Red Night

On Novro 21st, 5704 the Red Guard locked the city of Kowal under martial law. 

Due to overt activity of heretics and magic users, the Red Guard declared control over the city. A citywide curfew was instilled, as well as some house to house searches.

The Red guard led massive raids on multiple safehouses of “witches”. 


A mass exodus of the city as fear of being declared a heretic spreads though the citizens. The Red Guard struggle with the turmoil in the city as a group, nicknamed the Heroes of Dwarftown, disrupted a ceremony of burning some heretics at the Grey Court. Parts of the city were set on fire, the Baron publicly denouncing the Red Guard, and the apparent death of the Archbishop Gunderlan. 

Looking for a safe haven, many flee to Elmhearth, as news of a refugee camp and sanctuary spread.