Creature Compendium

The Creature Compendium RPG Sourcebook

Monsters have invaded our lands. People are scared. And it is our job to help them.

I have compiled many notes throughout my years of hunting, and now I will share these with you, so you can hunt as well. And hopefully make this world safe again.

Etahn Belbane, Hunter

Creature Compendium book

Inside the Book

The Creature Compendium, A Guide to Hunting the Monsters and Creatures of Atheles will be a 100+ page book filled with over 90 creatures for the gloomy lands of Atheles. The book will be hardbound, designed to look as if it is the leather journal of a monster hunter. Inside each creature has descriptive text, stats for the SagaBorn RPG, and an illustration or two. This will provide GMs all the information they need to start building adventures in the Dark Return setting, give adventurers a leg up on the monsters they may face, or give a collector a book filled with wonderful artwork.

The book is told through the eyes of two well-known monster hunters from Atheles, Etahn and Delgon. This gives the descriptions a personal touch, and a view into the larger world of the Dark Return.

Creature compendium

Every RPG needs two things, a core rulebook and the manual of monsters. I am happy to say that this book really helps bring my world to life, thanks to all the help from the SagaBorn team. This isn’t just a rehash of monsters that you find in most other D20 books. Sure, we have skeletons, zombies, and goblins; but they have all been reworked to fit into the mood and culture of Atheles. We have the monsters up on the server now, over at the Creature Compendium wiki page.

Angroll Illustration

Armor-plated and hunched, an angroll is a fearsome foe—and they never travel alone.

Angrolls are a large, armored race of beings who seemingly hate all other races of Uteria. They appear to be related to the common armadillo, but their own lore denies this. Angrolls are a couple heads taller than humans, but are often slumped forward, giving them the appearance of being shorter. They are a dirty race, their armored shells often coated in dirt and matted hair hanging long from their heads. Although they seem able to speak a guttural common tongue, one usually hears only a shout before they attack.

Angrolls are cowardly creatures, never attacking unless they have superior numbers. They use all manner of weapons, usually scavenged or stolen.

Angrolls live in tribes along the Wildelands, the Wastelands, and Jaldur Desert.

—From the Bestiary Tome of Cianan

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Lone Wanderer Entertainment is a small indie gaming company. Kickstarter has been the only way we have been able to put out such great books, and that is all because of you. I thank you so much for helping me get these visions out of my head and onto the page.

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