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    Will McKee

    In the next adventure I’m writing for my group, I’m going to have them travel South from Kowal. What is the distance between the cities? (Kowal to Silverfall to Aerville? And then from Aerville to the Ruins of Talnor?) Just trying to make it epic for the group, and something that will take them a while to explore the world a little.


    Based off the map and the scale. it looks like it is; from kowal to Silverfall about 180 leagues, then Silverfall to Aerville is about 100 leagues. Then about another 510 leagues from Aerville to the Ruins of Talnor.

    Will McKee

    So for this journey, I’m looking at close to a 900 league journey. Should be pretty epic!

    Will McKee

    Actually, more like 1800 leagues round trip. Still, should be epic!


    Sorry I was away for the weekend at JordanCon!

    Yeah, that will be one heck of a journey!

    The full map is zoomable if you want them to go elsewhere (league scale is off to the left in Ganthan Deep).

    And to make things easier on you, I have this Eastlands table already written:

    Finally, I have been working on this, which is a way to have players use outdoor skills while traveling across uncharted areas.


    Also, as you build on this adventure, be sure to post in our world building forum. I can answer questions and post maps of places that are mentioned, but have no entries (some places are just named as well, so you can help design them!)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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