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    If a Ravaging mage chooses to deal damage to all living creatures in 10′, what happens if there are no living creatures in that 10′. Does it come from:
    A) the caster
    B) just from something in the Navirim
    C) does it switch to the 1 hp to 10’*mana cost
    D) nothing


    So I think I should work on a chart to go into depth here.


    Rainforest – 2′ ravaging radius, leaves all Verdant.
    Verdant, Grasslands, forest, cavern teeming with life, or other large life forms in the radius – 5′ ravaging radius, leaves land drained, removes HP from other large lifeforms.
    Rocky, desert, or Drained – 10′ ravaging radius, leaves all barren.
    Barren – comes from the casters HP.

    How does that look?


    This is useful. This came to me as I was working on a multi-level dungeon, and was wondering in the case of a room taller than ten feet and then another room under them that is taller than ten, so if it was pulling from a 10′ sphere around the caster that has nothing but stone (as enemy/allies are more than 10′ away). So in that case Barren would work and prevents a player from using that logic to just ravage for extra mana with out some type of negative action.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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