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    Would Rage effect a sanity roll, i.e. delay the effects of the roll or negate the Rage? Or is rage something that only effects DR and attack/Damage rolls?

    • Rage: As a free action, a barbarian gains +2 to
    hit and damage in melee attacks and Damage Reduction of 1 for 30 minutes.

    For clarification as I read it they get the +2 and DR 1 for 30 minutes. Since this is a free action can these stack or does the 30 minutes just restart? I am guessing the 30 mins just restarts.


    Correct, they do not stack, and you can Rage the three times and have it a continuous hour and a half.

    As far as Rage and Sanity, I think when we do our Barbarian book, we can add in some cool optional stuff with Rage vs Sanity.

    On my table, I think I would say that the Rage gives a bonus to the Sanity Roll.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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