Society of Librarians

The Society of Librarians is a very secret underground society in the Kowal region that believe that now that magic and magical creatures are back, the only way to survive in the long run is to relearn the forgotten use of magic. To that end, they formed an open “Society of Librarians” who travel the region collecting and unearthing lost books. As a cover, they recover ANY lost books they can find, and restore them and set acolytes to copying them by hand to be distributed throughout the land to libraries and book stores in each of the larger cities. But their true purpose is to unearth lost tomes on magic or lost scrolls that have not been used, so as to study them. In top secret hidden locations, they meet, with wylders and luminars alike to trade knowledge and learn spells from one another. A wylder can request someone who knows a particular spell they want to learn to cast it so they can observe and try to learn and memorize it. They do believe there are spells that should be disallowed, and are protective of certain dark magics they have come across, and do not teach those that they believe could destroy the world again. These are either destroyed or locked away for future study.

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